Friday, June 10, 2011

How to call attention to yourself at the grocery store

Jhett and I took a trip to Piggly Wiggly today. There were a few things I had seen in the sale paper that I wanted to pick up. We got a couple really cheap meals:

wings--chickien wings were on sale 3.99 for a 3 lb bag (regularly 6.99) and since we already some free wing sauce in the cabinet, that's a pretty cheap meal for 3.99.

hot dogs--hot dogs were on sale for .99, buns were on sale for .99, can of chili was 3.99 so total for meal is 5.97.

sloppy joes--buns were on sale .99, manwich was 3.29, and i bought a family pack of ground beef that will be enough for 3 meals. 11.33/3= 3.77 so total for meal is 8.05.

sausage and peppers--sausage was on sale 2/$4, bell peppers (green, yellow, red, orange) were 5.50 and we have a leftover onion in the fridge so total for meal is 7.50.

Ok, I know you wanna know how to get some attention at the grocery store. Here's how:

When I was getting the bell peppers, the signs said green were 3/.99, red and yellow were 1.59/lb and orange was 1.99/lb. Then there was a "Stop Light Bag" which had one each of green, red, and yellow, for 4.99, which was supposedly a "special" price. I decided to see how much each pepper weighed. The red, yellow, and orange were a half pound each so for the three of them, it would be around 2.60. Then the green were only .33/ea, so I knew the special stop light bag was just a scam to steal my money (plus you don't get a cool orange on in the bag anyway). Get up to the register, they charge me 1.59 each for the red and yellow and 1.99 for the orange. I also see my chicken wings rang up 6.99. So I go back and double check the pepper sign to be sure. Yep, it says per pound. So I ask the produce guy who is just hanging around....he says the sign might be wrong, he asks the "sign girl," seriously that's what he called her. They come and take down the sign, and say the price is for each, not per lb. Ok, cool, 1.59+1.59+.33=3.51 which is still cheaper than 4.99 right? Again, the special stoplight bag is a giant rip-off-- "Attn customers: If you'd like to be ripped off, please check out our SPECIAL STOPLIGHT BAG of bell peppers in the produce section! Thanks and have a great day!"

So I go to customer service to get my $3 refund on the chicken wings. Here comes the produce guy sprinting up there to tell me that they were wrong, the bell peppers are sold by the pound and they owe me a refund. A manager is standing around and he starts asking the produce guy, and the cashier starts asking another cashier, and so I have 4 employees discussing my bell peppers even though I told them all it was no big deal. So they ask me for one to scan and are trying to figure out whatever in the computer system, when the sign girl comes up and says the price was for each, and that the sign was wrong. Then the manager tells me sorry, and asks me if I noticed the special stoplight bag that would save me money. I kindly told him thank you, but that it was still cheaper to buy them separately. I don't think he believed me! He just kinda chuckled and waved bye to Jhett. I'm sure these people were like "when is this lady gonna get out of the store?" And that, my friends, is how you call attention to yourself at the grocery store.

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