Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm baaaaaack...with something yummy!

So wow, I haven't been on here in almost a WHOLE year?! I almost forgot my password. Had lots of things happen for our little family but I won't look back, only ahead.

I only decided to come back so I could blog about my breakfast and then pin it on Pinterest. Yesterday I had a meeting with someone at Starbucks. Afterwards I decided to try this "Morning Bun" because it looked so yummy and was lonely sitting there all by itself. It was just as good as it looked. I knew I could make my own at home, so I did this morning, well, more like afternoon. Please. We are not the only people who eat breakfast at 12:30pm. Whatever.

Anyway, here we go. These are Starbucks' Morning Buns:

Looks good huh? It's not really a cinnamon roll, it's not heavy. It reminded me of Pillsbury Cresent Rounds:

so I used those. So, no, not "homemade" but you could definitely make your own dough if you have time for that. I didn't. I unrolled them--like a rebel since it says not to on the directions--and brushed a little bit of melted butter and went heavy on the Sweet Treat:

Okay I don't know why my pic insists on uploading sideways, sorry! Then rolled them back up at a angle, not completely flat. Baked at temp/time listed on can. Kids and I loved them!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My big boy is off to Kindergarten tomorrow! We had testing Monday, and a Meet & Greet today, and tomorrow is "boys only" day, Friday "girls only" day, and Monday will be the first "real" day. The summer passed by so fast, seemed much shorter than it did when I was a kid. Will post pics soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things I want my boys to know...

I want to prepare my boys for life in the real world, to be able to survive out there, with or without a woman. I want them to know their way around the kitchen just as well as under the hood of their car. At 2 and 5 they can only do so much, but as they get older they will be in charge of things....not because I'm lazy, but because I want them to have a learning experience. I want them to be able to cook a nice dinner. To change their own oil. To do their own laundry. Fix a leak. Cut grass. Change a flat. Basic carpentry work and minor home renovations. I want them to feel confident and accomplished. Their wives will thank me. They will get in many years of practice while they are under my roof and I hope that they still want to take care of good old mom for many years after.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Good News

The new tests came back "normal" meaning no immune disease, but we have to retest him again in 3 months. I was relieved, but there is still *something* going on with him. He is sick far too often for not being in daycare. At first I thought the nausea/vomiting were only when he took meds on an empty stomach, but now it's happening at other times. His skin was "ok" according to the allergist at the appt 2 weeks ago...but now it's looking pretty bad! There are some things we need to do around the house to reduce moisture/mildew and dust. When we repeat the tests, we will also repeat the full allergy panel to see if he's still in the process of developing allergies. And I recently learned that even if the tests don't show a true allergy to specific foods, he could still have an intolerance to them and they could contribute to his problems. One day, we'll get it all figured out!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Concealed Carry Class

That's my target on the very end--I passed and will be receiving my permit soon! I used Corey's CZ-75 for the test. He bragged about what a good shot I was to his friends---aww, how sweet :) He admitted that I outshot him, which surprised me. I see a date to the range in our near future haha.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The hubby and I had our first real vacation together! All thanks to my wonderful in-laws. We went to Vegas to see my brother-in-law Drew get married to my new sister-in-law Casey. We had a really nice time. This was our hotel, The Excalibur. It was my first time flying, first time leaving my babies to go out of state, and a much needed break from changing diapers, sippy cups, and whining.

We came home and back to reality--a broken A/C, sweating it out for 18 hours waiting for someone to come check it out, when we finally booked a motel room down the street. Of course the tech shows up 10 minutes after we checked in. We ended up needing to get a new unit. Got double charged for the motel AND our cell phone bill putting a strain on our finances. Then our washing machine starts leaking (again) and since we JUST recently had the floor replaced b/c of water damage, we didn't want to take a chance again and shut the water off to it. Had to make a trip to the washateria the other day. Can I just say, I can't wait to get the problem fixed? Even with all this mess, I still have a smile on my face b/c of our awesome trip! I'm so grateful we were given the opportunity to go!

Monday, May 21, 2012


So, the test results we were waiting on came back negative for everything...which I thought was good, but the allergist was a little concerned because the number they were looking for was much lower than expected. He explained how this could mean there is something wrong with his immune system, so they drew more blood, for more tests, which requires more waiting. I googled possibilities and see the IgE deficiency in itself is a "disease" but it can also be indicative of having a rare autoimmune disorder, or can cause one. It's kinda scary but I decided not to read too much into everything and just wait for a diagnosis before we get all upset for nothing.

He took him off a few meds, but gave him a few more. He had a double ear infection, so antibiotics for that, and he said the asthma doesn't seem to be improving with Albuterol alone so he prescribed Pulmicort and Singulair as well. I have never in my life, gone to the pharmacy and left with a paper grocery bag instead of a little flat white bag. My child has more medicine than his grandparents :(

Eventually we will figure this all out.

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