Friday, June 27, 2008

Old Navy flip flops $1

Saturday only. All solid color flip flops $1. Limit 5 per customer.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Made my mom some ECB's last night

When my mom came to bring Eli back from the weekend, we made a quick trip to CVS. She had $10 ECB's from the Olay Deal. We got 3 Smart Rinses, I paid the extra .47 on my GC and kept them, since she didn't want them. I already had 8, but hey! they're free! So that got her 10.47 in ECB's. Her prilosec was on sale 25.99 and get back $3 ECB's. So we used a $4/20 welcome q, along with a $1 off manu. q.
.99 tea
total: 26.98
-10.47 ECB's
11.51 oop (she had another $2 ECB but accidently didn't use it. So she COULD have had only 9.51 oop but it's okay, I rolled the $2 for her in the next transaction)

she got back $3 ECB's from that. Plus she still had the $2 ECB's from before.

so I went back last night, and got her some toothpaste. Colgate Total was on sale for 2.49, and get back $2 ECB's.

2.49 (x2)= 4.98
-1.50 manu q's (x2)
total= 1.98
got back $4 ECB's-----Money Maker! (of course this is the simplified version. I got the toothpaste along with a couple other things for me, using a $4/20 and some other q's.) She left me with $5 ECB and she now has $6 ECB's. I will try to figure out a couple other things to do for her during the week.

Meu Plan Monday

Some of this was on last week's menu but my brother in law took us to Ground Pati one night, we had WOW wings Saturday, and Tsubaki with my parents Sunday. So it was easy to plan this week:

t-hashbrown casserole & ham
w-beef petite sirlon, corn on the cob, green beans
t-sloppy joes
f- bertolli
s-(leftover steak) omelets & potatoes o'brien
s- fried pork chops with pasta

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CVS 6/17 and free mail

(14) 1 liter Evian 1.99/ea B1G1F minus (7) -$1/2 q's from the Reinventing Beauty mag
Murine Tears reg. 5.49 on clearance for .55
Hyland's Earache Tablets reg. 8.99 on clearance for .89 minus -$3/1 q!!!
CVS brand q-tips 3.19 -$2 off CVS brand skincare q,-$2ECB received =.81 overage!!
Aquafresh 3.69 -$2 CVS q and -$1 peelie = .69
and -$3/15 of course

total: 8.56
earned $2.00 in ECB
oop: 6.56 paid with EBT/free GC

And the freemail is from, it had a FREE sample of Huggies Cleanteam baby wash included with the pullups--will put these away until Eli is ready to be potty trained!

Rite Aid 6/17

Organix Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner (2 of each) 5.49, FREE after rebate

Picked up 2 more Secret Flawless, on sale for 3.99/ea, minus (2)-$1 off q's, rebate $2.00 each= .99/ea

total spent: (after rebate) 1.98!

Rite Aid also has Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship shampoo/conditioner FREE after rebate, but of course both stores I tried were sold out. I have until the 28th to find some. Today was the last day on the coconut milk shampoo. I am not big on rebates but I am just going to have to get used to it I think! Rite Aid has excellent RX transfer GC q's, right now there is a $30 GC with any transferred prescription plus you get entered in a drawing to win free gas. So, all you have to do is transfer a prescription and get your $30 GC, buy this free/cheap stuff using the GC so it's no oop, and then get reimbursed. Two of the coconut milk shampoos had "try me free" hangtags so I will be double reimbursed for those, covering the .99deodorants and still putting a little change in eli's piggy bank!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday (Tuesday lol)

M- we had burgers and chips
T- steak fingers w/ biscuits and white gravy
W- fajitas
T- ravioli (not from a can) and garlic bread
F- hashbrown casserole & ham
S- beef petite sirloin, corn on the cob, green beans
S- (leftover steak, if there's any) omelets & potatoes o'brien

Happy Father's Day

I know, it was Sunday. But I am a little behind. We did this Saturday afternoon:

Friday, June 13, 2008

CVS 6/12

(2) wipes @ 7.99/ea
(2) huggies wash @ 3.49/ea
-$2 wipes q's
-$4 wash q's
-$6.97 ECB's
total 6.99 + tax= $8.03 (paid for with a FREE Rx transfer GC)
But I got back $8 ECB's, so actually only .03 total.

So after the q's on the wash, I actually ended up with .51 overage on each one. I love when CVS pays me to take something out of the store for them! Plus I got an awesome discount on the wipes, something I really needed to buy soon. And, since I got 8 ECB's back, ($2 on each item I bought) you could apply the overage from the wash to the wipes and say I got the wash free and the wipes for 2.98/ea. Not bad at all! (And even better if you remember I technically didn't pay a PENNY oop b/c they GAVE me the transfer GC--I paid them my grand total of .03--with their own money!)

(2) huggies wash @ 3.49/ea
(2) fusion shaving cream @ 1.79/ea
-$2 wash q's (makes them 2.49/ea, minus the $2 ECB on each=only .49/ea)
-$3 fusion q's (makes them .29/ea)
total 5.56 paid with FREE Rx transfer GC
But I got back $4 ECB's, so actually only 1.56 total. (but again not even out of my own pocket!)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gas prices

With gas so high, I try to save up everything I need to do and wait to make one trip at night. When it's time to fill up, I try to stop at the cheapest place that's not too far out of the way. Type in your zipcode to find the cheapest gas in your area:

And sometimes I tell myself, well....if I stop at CVS or WAGS and get a FREE Zantac 150 that normally would have cost $5, that is like being reimbursed $5 towards my gas. So the trip paid for itself. The problem is, now we have enough Zantac that I don't really need to pick up one EVERY SINGLE time. So I have to find something else that I can get to make my trip worth it. Any ideas? Leave me a comment!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

menu plan monday

so i keep saying i'm going to post this on mondays, and i never do. it IS on a post it on the fridge, but has never made it to the blog until now:

m we went out to eat--it was a mystery shop. they failed!
t hot pockets/leftover cornbread dressing
w broiled salmon, pasta, veggie & garlic bread
t meatloaf & mashed potatoes w/ gravy
f brisket with rice & gravy
s burgers & fries
s fried pork chops

CVS 6/10 (or was it 6/11?)

sometime AROUND midnight, maybe a little after, not sure.....squeezed in a quickie shop. i was hoping they had gotten the truck so i could do my huggies deal. but my fave cashier was there, he said the truck will def be unloaded tomorrow. ("and how many coupons do you have for me today?" lol)since i was already there i didn't want to leave the store empty handed, so i grabbed:
1-8 ct. box of zantac (HAHA of course) $5-$5q= FREE
3-$1.79 shaving creams -1.50q's= .29/ea
1-$5 sippy cup for eli -$1q= $4
1-$2.50 Degree deodorant with free sample (my first 2.50 towards the dove deal)
1-$4.29 aquafresh toothpaste -$2CVSq=$2.29, i was expecting it to be .29 but price was marked wrong on the shelf. i'm debating whether to return or just suck it up.

-q's listed above
oop=1.42 paid on GC

Monday, June 9, 2008

CVS 6/8

I got the coke and cereal deals yesterday and made $13ECB's. Tried a .49 clearance BeFine but no $5ECB, will try again with something else next time.

i heart cvs , one stop fix for those suffering from ocd (obsessive cvs disorder), for links to cereal coupons to save up to 6.65 off the $20.

4-12 packs of coke $4/11 -$3ECB = $2/ea
not bad price, plus we use the coke points to get 2 free blockbuster rentals/2 20oz cokes, and a tub of popcorn.

6 boxes of cereal $3/10 -various q's and $10ECB= $1.16-1.50/ea.
Even without q's, this breaks downs to 1.66/ea box after ECB's. I got
Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, & Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

(no pics b/c lacey has my camera lol)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

you know you're addicted to cvs when....

saw this on you know you're addicted to cvs when...

saw a thread about this on i ♥ cvs

and they got it from a full cup so i decided to hop on the train too.

you know you're addicted to cvs when...
♥ you buy milk there even though it's cheaper at walmart...but walmart doesn't have ECB's!

you know you're addicted to cvs when...
♥ your BFF comes over for shopping scenario advice.

you know you're addicted to cvs when...
♥ you have your exact total calculated when you walk in the door, and pull out the .17 you know you will have to pay oop before the cashier rings you up.

you know you're addicted to cvs when...
♥ you call and say "Hi, this is--" and the voice on the other end says, "Hey Lindsay, yes I have your kid's pacifier, he must have dropped it when you were here. I will save it for you in the photo lab" b/c she just KNOWS you'll be back in a couple hours!

you know you're addicted to cvs when...
♥ you use a q for FREE 4x6 digital prints, and the pics are of your latest CVS haul--Ragu, mayo, and Skippy from the Unilever deal, Sobe Life Water, and chex mix. Taking pics to post on your brag blog is one thing, but actually printing them for your scrapbook is on a whole different level!

but this one was my absolute FAVE from i ♥ cvs :
you know you're addicted to cvs when...
♥ you're child is throwing up all over the couch and you're wondering what you can buy along with Pedialyte so you can get the Pedialyte free and earn ECBs as well.
- Becca

Thursday, June 5, 2008

WAGS/CVS/free mail 6/4

I did WAGS and CVS yesterday. Also got this FREE 2G microSD memory card for my cell phone ("bought" it on through ebates using google checkout--ebates gave me $10 sign up bonus, plus 1% cash back on purchase, a google checkout has a $10 discount for first-timers. So it was free with free shipping, can't beat that!)

My WAGS came up to .77 cents. Not bad, but I COULD have gotten a FREE gillette 2-in-1 body wash/shampoo if the stupid q didn't beep. I will try another store. I combined the WAGS $1/1 q's with the mfgr's .55/1 SatinCare q's on the $2 sale priced ones. I used 2 1.50/1 fusion hydragel q's from the 6/1 paper, WAGS had them for $1 so I got $1 overage towards the SatinCare. Throw in another FREE 8 ct. zantac (i ALWAYS do lol) and that makes pretty much reimburses me for the gas it took to drive and pick up corey from work. Not bad!

After I picked him up, we stopped at CVS. First thing he said was, "oh lord, you're bringing your STUFF?" haha. I dropped off a prescription but they didn't let me use a $25 transfer GC b/c it was considered a controlled substance. So I asked if they would honor it one a prescription that Corey had filled the day before. They let me! So I used the $25 GC to pay for my meds and only had to come up with 7.99 oop--which i would have put on my other GC if it wasn't LOST right now. I used 2 .25/1 Dawn q's, $1/1 Secret flawless (tropical scent, ooh la la!) and $1/1 Huggies. The huggies turned out to be clearanced from 3.49 to 1.75, so after the $1 off, only .75 and after the $2 ECB I made from it, they paid me 1.25 to take it home! I also got a FREE after ECB 2pk of Oral B toothbrushes, a FREE bag of Chex mix with $1/1 and Corey got a mountain dew for behaving while I dragged him around the store. My total oop was 1.88, less than I had planned b/c of the huggies clearance. Used 12.97 ECB's but made back $11 ECB's.

And this last pic is my CVS trip from 6/1 that I never posted. Used pampers $2/2's again. Used $2/1 on Whitman's 3.97 Sale, FREE after ECB's on the bandaids, and 3 $1/1 on huggies. Didn't even use q's on the Dawn (didn't realize I had any!) and still only paid OOP=.10 which I put on a GC lol! Got back $15 ECB's.

pampers galore

Thanks to CVS and all my coupon swap ladies who passed me their $2/2's, we now have a small stockpile of size 4's. I did get 2 packs of 3's but I'm not sure how much longer Eli will fit in them so we will be ready with the 4's. I split them into 2 transactions of course, b/c there was a limit of one $5 ECB per card. At 7.99 per jumbo pack, size 4 has 34 diapers, which comes out to .24 per diaper, which is supposedly a good deal. But after using the $2/2's, $3/15's and the ECB's, i calculated them to be about 1.5 cents each, MUCH better! 7.99x2=15.98-3/15=12.98-$2/2=10.98-10ECB=.98+tax=1.05/68=0.015441176 not the mention i EARNED $10 back in ECB's. Which I am rolling into the huggies deal!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Click happy?

The one and only highlight of my day: I hit up CVS first thing this morning and got 2 jumbo packs of pampers thanks to all my q ladies who donated me their $2/2's. Of course I had a good ole trusty $3/15 and some ECB's due to expire soon. I paid .33 out of pocket. Not bad!

I am not in the creative mood today but i will give you some stuff to click on if you are one of those people who just likes to click:

An interesting article: Why I'm Not Embarrased to Use Coupons

Target q's (can be stacked with mfgr q's)

Just love this one:

If you don't "get" CVS'ing, click here:

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