Friday, November 20, 2009

Wilmore Family Christmas Wishlist is that time again. Time to find out what everyone wants for Christmas.

Mommy's list: The FlavorWave Oven (Mr. T has a great infomercial--have you seen it??) Ok so I know this is a big gift, and lord knows how much they want for shipping BUT if it's not under the tree I will buy it for myself with any money I get: Starbucks gift cards or CC's gift cards are always great!! Or Starbucks, whichever. B/c SAHM's need coffee breaks too you know! An iced tea maker (this would benefit Corey more since he's the only one who drinks tea, but would make my life easier haha!

Eli loves Hot wheels and Thomas the Train. He has some dvd's but none of the actual trains yet or any little play sets like this. He also likes fire trucks, airplanes, and Elmo.

Anniston...she wants a new Wii game or two. She specifically mentioned Mario, but said it didn't matter which one. I think she needs some pj pants too. She has not been dropping too many hints, this is hard!

And Corey wants a Turtle Beach headset. And he can always use Microsoft Point cards and Itunes Gift Cards!

~Vacuuming Up Corn Flakes~

So Eli usually has dry cereal for breakfast...Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Quaker Oatmeal Squares....but yesterday he insisted on having corn flakes. I'm like "Really? Corn Flakes?" Not in the mood to argue I get him a bowl. Then he says "I wanna do it!!!" and again, not in the mood to argue, I let him pour the cereal into the bowl. He then proceeds to overflow the bowl. I cringed. It would have been no big deal if he was at the kitchen table, right? But he was not at the kitchen table. He was sitting on the floor of my bedroom. So now there are cornflakes all over my carpet. Before I can do anything about it, he starts jumping up and down and smashing them further into the carpet, giggling and clapping.

He then makes little piles here and there and drives his hotwheels over them like an obstacle course. He is just having a blast and I know if I get the vacuum out it will be a scream-fest (b/c he is "skeered" of the noise) so I decide to fix myself something to eat and postpone the cleanup for a bit. I get sidetracked in piles of dirty laundry, stacks of bills, cooking lunch, etc. and I go in the bedroom a few times during the day and say "Oh, I need to vacuum up those corn flakes" but somehow never get around to it.

Then Corey comes home from work and I am juggling trying to cook dinner and dessert, wash the dishes, give Eli a bath, more laundry...and when it's finally bedtime my lovely husband walks into the bedroom to get to his side of the bed, crunching over the corn flakes with his bare feet. He looks down at the carpet with a look of pure disgust, and then at me and says, "You could have at least vacuumed up these corn flakes don't you think?" I just gave him the LOOK. You know, that LOOK.

I figured they wouldn't bother anyone while we were sleeping and I'd do it first thing this morning. And when I go in there and decide to snap a pic and post it here so that you all may find humor in my daily frustrations, I see little pieces of cheese mixed in with the cereal. Nice!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sunday- BBQ at my parents' house
Monday- Rachel Ray's Ham and Cheese Cannelloni
Tuesday- chicken fajitas
Wednesday- Aunt Versie's Cowboy stew with mashed potatoes
Thursday-chicken quesadillas
Friday- cornbread dressing with ham
Saturday- Sicily's Italian Buffet
Sunday- leftovers
Monday-ham and cheese cannelloni (again!)
Tuesday- shrimp fajitas
Wednesday-not sure
Thursday- Thanksgiving dinner (and birthday cake??)
Friday- Logan's for lunch (Thanks Abbey and Mike!) dinner-Thanksgiving leftovers
Saturday-Rochetto's Pizza (took my boys out with my birthday money)
Sunday- not sure, fridge is looking pretty empty!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pics from Scott Park

Went to Scott Park this a few pics, not THRILLED with any of them but I guess the sun was too bright. They aren't terrible at least!






and here he is like, "K mommy, put ur lens cap back on and let's go bye bye!"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Preggo Brain Much?

Yeah...I was just telling a friend who doesn't have children yet "if you ever get pregnant, don't expect your brain to function properly..."

Just the other day I open the freezer to take out meat for dinner and find a baby wipe that I assume I put in there, instead of the trash can. Hmm....

I find myself frantically looking for things like cell phones and debit cards and car keys, only to realize they are in my other hand already.

I just cannot stand when a recipie calls for "one stick butter, softened (not melted)" so tonight I am making oatmeal cookies, and the recipie requests that very thing. I put my stick of butter in a stainless steel mixing bowl, stare at it for a's not getting softer....obviously I cannot put the stainless bowl in the microwave so I brilliantly decide to turn the oven only to 200 degrees and pop it in there for a minute or so. Should work right? 30 minutes later when I remember to take it out, the butter is completely melted...totally not what the recipie calls for. Oh well, it will have to do!

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