Monday, September 20, 2010

What a Dump!

What does this look like to you? Well I'll tell you what it's supposed to be. A "recycling facility." Yeah. Right. If you been following my blog you know that I have been reading up on being green. My wonderful sister-in-law Abbey inspired me. Then when I started using cloth diapers, I learned a lot from other cloth diapering mommas. We don't have curbside recycling offered here, or of course we would do it. So I decided to try and find a local place where we could drop off stuff. Easier said than done. I found lots of places that take junk cars, metal, appliances. But actual paper/plastic/glass, not so much. Lafayette has a curbside program and I found out that I could drop off stuff to their facility. It would be a lot easier (and save gas) if there were a local place. I kept looking, and read somewhere online that 2 fire stations in the parish had "recycling facilities" and one was about 5 mins from us. Sounded great. Not so much. I drive over and THIS is what I see. I got out, there was just trash and rain water in the bins. I didn't even leave anything there b/c something gave me the idea it wouldn't actually be recycled. So, I contacted SPEAK and got some helpful info. I still plan to check out the other place in Lafayette. I don't think it would be very green having to waste gas to make a special trip just to drop off stuff so I guess I will figure out a once a week drop off when we are going somewhere nearby.

But, I have learned that reducing and reusing are far more efficient than recycling. It takes a lot of energy to recycle, and things can only be recycled so many times. Some people even make money selling things they normally would throw away, like these super cute gift tags or this jewelry made out of coke cans on Etsy.  Instead of throwing away t-shirt or jeans that have holes or stains, you can cut them up and use the fabric for other things. I am making a cute little stuffed owl for Jhett with some pj's that are too small for him. Don't worry, I will post a pic when I am finished!

Made this with some help from MeMe

If you read my previous post, you have already seen these recycled bibs. I decided it couldn't be that hard. I had no problems fusing the bags and cutting the bib, but when the time came to sew the bias tape around, I needed a professional. So I called MeMe of course, and she whipped it up real quick! Thank you MeMe!

Just need to add a velcro dot and throw it in the diaper bag!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy finds

Etsy...a site I could spend hours on. I use the "Shop By Color" feature, and when it tells me "Pick a color, any color?" what color do you think I pick? PINK, of course.


Oh how I think I *need* this for Jhett. I can just imagine him in it, with his red little cheeks in January. Whether the 6-12 month hat will fit his 90% size head by January, is another story!



Okay, enough of the hats. What else....hmmm....


Butt Beans! These are used for cloth wipe solution. I just got some yummy smelling ones in the mail this week, in the Snuggle Baby scent. I traded her some scrapbooking rub-on's for an order of these. Haven't used them yet, but I will very soon!


I have been searching for the perfect book to use as my pregnancy journal. This is awesome, a bit pricey though. I am going to *attempt* to make something similar. I saved all my records and calendar with appointments, weight, and pictures during my pregnancy with Jhett, and I've just been looking for something to keep it all organized. Something like this would be really cute!



And b/c I'm into upcycling these days, I think these are sooo cool! And not bad on the price. I have a fusing tutorial from Instructables bookmarked, but have been scared to try it. One day, I will. But I may pick a couple of these up and use as a pattern. 

Yes I know, it looks like my world revolves around BABY. It kinda does, what can I say? Babies are cute, and baby stuff is cute. Not only do I have Eli and Jhett, but my first nephew and first niece were born recently and I have a lifetime to spoil them too. But this last one is just for Mommy. 7

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For some really crafty fun....

Head on over to According to Kelly and check out these how-to's. I especially like the fingerprint pendants and think I'm gonna have to try that! When my babies are all grown up I'll be able to see how tiny their little fingers used to be. Awww, how sweet!

First Avocado

Jhett tasted avocado today. I had given him a tiny taste of some guac the other night when we ate Mexican, he seemed to like it. He has had sweet potatoes already (pureed), but I think he really liked mushing them up in his fists. I think the finger food stage is pretty fun, even though it's messy. He really loves these Baby Mum Mum rice husks, but they are super messy and sticky. He is a growing boy, and a hungry one! Today he had his regular 8-12 oz of formula every couple hours. He also had: oatmeal with squash, the avocado and sweet potato in the pics, 2 Baby Mum Mums and some applesauce. I think in a couple years, he is going to be Eli's big little brother!

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