Sunday, January 27, 2008

Current Fly Zone

Ok, I am starting a new project....
Coming in late for the month of January, I will just have to catch up. But, as flylady says, "You are never behind. Jump in where you are." So, I am on zone #5, the living room, which is actually not horrible. The worst thing I'd have to say is the entertainment center. Corey wants to get an enclosed one to hide all the Xbox 360wires, which will be a disaster when Eli is officially crawling. So something nice with a door that can be closed would look so much neater and hide all that mess. Plus, the dust that collects on a glass entertainment center is atrocious (sp?) and NOT my idea of fun.

The next thing that bothers me in the living room is the carpet, though there's not a whole lot we can do about that right now. I'm sure we could get a carpet cleaner back in's been since July that it was shampooed, but the carpet is just old and I would love a different color. That probably is something I will just have to get over for now. I think the blinds could stand to be cleaned....the whole room could be dusted, especially the fireplace. The coffee table has GOT to go! I have been thinking about refinishing it for a long time, I just never seem to have time or motivation to get it done. My wonderful mother cleaned my ceiling fan blades last time she came to visit, so that is out of the way. Hopefully 2008 will be a cleaner, less cluttered year!

Friday, January 25, 2008

jacker who??? whooohooo!!!

i won, i won, i won!!!! i am uber excited! i never win ANYTHING!!! can't wait to get my goodies!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby Yoga?

I am sooo extremely lazy, have not exercised once since Eli was born....but I bought this DVD just after Christmas and finally decided to try it out today.

We didn't do the full workout, I just wanted to get the feel of it. We will try to do it everyday, maybe with Alexis too, if I have enough energy. Today we did these sections:

helpful hints
pelvic tilts
neck curls
pilates: ab squeeze

busy mom mini-workouts
feel good mommy stretches
burn off post-baby belly
especially for baby (baby yoga)

Eli wasn't sure at first about Baby Yoga. He was more interested in grabbing the remote than stretching to the right and stretching to the left. But I'm sure he will get the hang of it after a couple more tries. The instructor, Jillian, has a baby boy named Max who at least kept Eli's attention for a good 30 minutes. Though I think Max's baby talk translated to "my mom's way skinnier than your mom hahaha!" or something close to that.

here's a link to it on amazon, i bought mine at target:

Monday, January 21, 2008


my 1st attempt. if you're clueless, check it out here:

the journaling says: "sometimes it's nice to play with someone your own size" something i realized the very first day i started babysitting alexis. eli has so much more fun playing with her than he does with me. sure, he smiles when i grab a toy and sit down on the floor with him, but when alexis is here i think he has a little more fun!!

now for my big grocery $$$ savings news:

so, we didn't really need to go grocery shopping right now...but i was on and someone posted about a good sale at albertson's, 10 for $15 + $5 back = 10 for $10 sale (a lot of mix and match food items) so i printed out the list and some additional coupons and this is what I got:

all this was 10/$10, so $1 each item
3 boxes hamburger helper -$1 coupon, so only .66 each box
fruit by the foot
betty crocker cookie mix
pop secret popcorn -$1 coupon, so FREE
betty crocker scalloped potatoes
grands biscuits
2 boxes toaster strudel -$1 coupon, so only .50 each box
2 boxes pizza rolls -$1.10 so only .45 each box
green giant peas -$1.00 so FREE

then i also got:
loaf of bread $1.29
24-pk ozarka water 3.99
4 tombstone pizzas 4/$10

grand total: 24.68

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Simply Scrappin' Grand Opening

So the grand opening was yesterday, and my mom actually stayed until 5pm! I was so proud of her, she did all 6 make and takes! The best one by far was the Maya Road chipboard birds. It wasn't a major shopping trip for me, funds are a little limited right now. And have been for a while. And probably will be for a while. But I would much rather stay home with Eli than send him to daycare and go back to work. I can sacrifice scrapbooking supplies for time with my baby. I stole this pic from Elizabeth's myspace, just a few sneak peeks of the store. Of course, the pink christmas tree is gone now, but I LOVED it! I thought I would get some pages done this weekend but no chance yet. I babysat last night and vaccumed today...but hopefully Lacey will come over tomorrow and we can get something accomplished. I am so far behind it's pathetic!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to be a Hip Mom

I was totally inspired by Heidi A. Burns yesterday when I found her 18 rules on how to be a hip mom at and I couldn't think of anything better to share with my readers today than rule #7

I ended up using the rule to make a scrapbook layout in my new 8.5 x 8.5 book. So everyone is into the 6 x 12 these days. Or is it 12 x 6? Well I just wanted to be different. They think they are different, because it isn't 12 x 12, but it is becoming quite the trend, and I think 8.5 x 8.5 is pretty rare. I found the K & Co. book at Tuesday Morning, a few years ago, actually, and have been hoarding it among my stash on scrapbooks. I collect the books, not necessarily to fill them with layouts, but rather just to have them. One day, I will use them. Like this one, today. Check out the article. And if you like it, there are 17 more rules, just use the link above.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just wanted to say....

I found some new inspiration here: (freakin links are not working?!)
I even changed my myspace mood to artistic! I think I got stuck in a rut for a while there and have been wandering aimlessly around the paper racks at Simply Scrappin' ever since it opened. But next time I go in, which will probably be on Saturday for the grand opening, I will be looking through different eyes. Hopefully I will get caught up on the last five months...since Eli was born.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had a late Christmas celebration on New Years Day at the Ellingtons' house. Eli had so much fun opening his presents and playing he was exhausted. MeMe rocked him t sleep in his great great grandmother's rocking chair.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Wilmores!

I just realized I never posted Eli and Anniston's Christmas pictures. Santa must have thought they were good this year because he left both of them presents under the tree.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The only snow in Louisiana...

is in Eli's snow globe. He is looking at a picture of himself looking at the snow globe, inside the snow globe. The poor boy will probably NEVER experience real snow!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fun day @ the park

We had a family outing today. We went to Veteran's Park on Feu Follet. Derek brought Gabe to play with Anniston and they played on the swingsets and fed the ducks. Eli layed on a blanket in the grass and I got to take some pictures of everybody (except myself of course.) Eli can't wait til he gets old enough to play too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well I rang in the new year printing pictures for a calender I am (attempting) to make. It will be a gift for my aunt and uncle *IF* I get it done before I go to bed. We are celebrating Christmas at their house tomorrow. We are always fashionably late for Christmas (haha) and it only makes sense that I would be up at 1 am trying to make their gift lol!

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