Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The hubby and I had our first real vacation together! All thanks to my wonderful in-laws. We went to Vegas to see my brother-in-law Drew get married to my new sister-in-law Casey. We had a really nice time. This was our hotel, The Excalibur. It was my first time flying, first time leaving my babies to go out of state, and a much needed break from changing diapers, sippy cups, and whining.

We came home and back to reality--a broken A/C, sweating it out for 18 hours waiting for someone to come check it out, when we finally booked a motel room down the street. Of course the tech shows up 10 minutes after we checked in. We ended up needing to get a new unit. Got double charged for the motel AND our cell phone bill putting a strain on our finances. Then our washing machine starts leaking (again) and since we JUST recently had the floor replaced b/c of water damage, we didn't want to take a chance again and shut the water off to it. Had to make a trip to the washateria the other day. Can I just say, I can't wait to get the problem fixed? Even with all this mess, I still have a smile on my face b/c of our awesome trip! I'm so grateful we were given the opportunity to go!

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