Thursday, March 31, 2011

eli the pianist

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY fabric wall decal

So I've been eyeing vinyl wall decals like this and this to put in Jhett's little play area. But not for $119. I figured I could try to make one myself using fabric instead of vinyl, and came across a tutorial. I found Mr. Elephant here, enlarged him to 20x16.5 with, and printed him on an 18x24 sheet at Kinko's. I later realized I wasn't being very green, I could have just printed an outline of him rather than the whole image in black ink, but it would have cost the same $2.45 either way. I was planning to use a fat quarter, but the girl who printed Mr. Elephant was new, and she stretched the image to fit the 18x24 sheet....rather than go back and print him again, I just went ahead and bought a half yard of fabric instead, no biggie. I was planning to make him orange, but didn't find anything I liked, so I went with blue instead.


Monday, March 14, 2011

new 'puter!

I am really lovin' my new 'puter. Thanks goes out to my lovely hubby. It's an Acer Veriton all-in-one touchscreen. You can check out the specs here.

No kiddies on this computer, no sir, this one is MINE. Hopefully we won't have any more accidental deletions, and the kids can still use the old PC. Eli thinks it's awesome for us to sit next to each other, each at our own computer. And when MeMe comes over to hang out, she says it feels like we're at the library :)

Couple paper layouts

So......since Eli decided to delete my entire digital scrapbooking collection and I was not able to recover most of it, I have been a bit more interested in paper. I did 2.5 simple layouts this weekend after a quick trip to Create 365. I say 2.5, b/c the last one is waiting for a pic. Hopefully will get that printed this week.

Here are the 2 finished ones:

This is a pic from Jhett's first birthday. He had an early party in February so on his actual birthday we just had cake and a couple presents here at home after Daddy got off work.

While I was trying to dig out my cutter, I found this old pic from before Corey and I were married. It was on a layout I didn't particularly care for, so I ripped it off and stuck in on a new one. I decided to hang it on the wall above my new PC. We were so young!

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