Sunday, September 23, 2007

take off your thinking cap

i just realized it is possible to think too much. if you happen to find yourself alone with a sleeping baby and no one at all to talk to, you can end up just thinking for hours without realizing it. you can actually drive yourself insane thinking of:

all the things you wish you had but don't
all the horrible things that could happen to you or someone you know
things or people you miss from your past
overanalyzing your finances knowing you can't fix the problem
hoping things change but telling yourself they won't

people always say "put your thinking cap on" but sometimes i think there comes a time when it's better to take it off.

i was completely happy taking pictures of eli all day with lacey's camera, until the stupid battery died.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

No such thing as spoiled?

I have been staying at my parents' house more often since I am not working. Eli loves having someone to constantly hold him. (aka meme) Paw Paw does give her some good competition. But then when I get back home he's looking around like "somebody pick me up now!" And I try as much as I can, but sometimes it's just impossible. When he's awake he wants all my attention, and if the phone rings or I get hungry and have to put him down, he has a thra-ca (sp?). "They" say you can't spoil an infant but there must be some other term defined as allowing another human being to assume, correctly, that they are the center of the universe, and can have or do whatever they desire. And you CAN do that to an infant. I seem to find myself lacking enough arms to do all the things that need to be done on a daily basis, carrying him around while trying to blow dry my hair, change the channel on the remote, or vacuum. And then magically, when he falls asleep, I'm all done with my chores and I just watch him sleeping and that is when I want to hold him. But I know better, because if I do, he will, without a doubt, wake up, and then a to-do list suddenly falls from the sky. So for now I will just accept the bad timing. And blame his "not" being spoiled on meme.

Friday, September 7, 2007

nebraska trip

well eli and i are back from our trip. we went to nebraska to meet my dad's brother and go to his wedding. i slept at my parents' house tuesday night so we could get up early wednesday morning to leave. so i woke up at 5:30 am. we are trying to pack everything in the car, and somehow my dad cut his finger on the doorframe, and is bleeding all over the wedding gift. there are 2 (TWO) drops of blood on the floor. my mom is running around like a mad woman gettting paper towels and band aids for him, and he is claiming he's SLICED his finger open. "it's bleeding and it won't stop!!!" (reminded me of "help i've fallen and i can't get up!") he exclaims while accusing her of walking in the 2 drops of blood and smearing it all over the entire house. the baby is crying and it is way too early to be awake!

in the car:

Mom (to me): Oh I'm so aggravated, it's not even 6:30 am and my hair is ringing wet. I'm always sweating. And we haven't even left the house yet. It's not even 6:30!

Dad gets in the car. (to mom): Damn woman! If you would ever clean out this car.....

Dad (to mom): did you get your cellphone?

did you get the car charger?

did you get the electric charger?

Mom: Yes Gary, I have all that. Do you have to bring that gun?

Dad: Yes Carol I have to bring that gun.

Mom: Did you get your cellphone? Did you get your mouthwash?

Dad: oh shoot!

Mom: well I have some listerine.

Dad: I don't "do" listerine. That's nasty. Scope is the right kind of mouthwash. The kind people should use.

Mom: it's not bad, it's the green kind....

Dad (to me): did you bring the baby a blanket? Did you bring a blanket for you? Did you bring a pillow?

So, you see, before we even left the house there was blood, sweat, and tears! We stop to get gas and Uncle Clifford calls and says they're waiting for us at the Forest Hill exit. Dad (to Uncle Clifford): well we have this baby and that slows down everything you know? Mom and me look at each other and just started laughing.

During the drive my dad proceeds to point out all the other drivers' flaws, labeling them as follows:

stupid asses

jack asses

dumb asses

dumb butts



stupid idiots

stupid ass idiots


many of them were also on drugs, "smoking them cigarettes," riding his butt, weaving in and out of lanes, too old to be driving, too young to be driving, too stupid to be driving, talking with their hands when they should be driving, driving too fast or driving too slow. he told me to quit writing down everything he said and not to post it on the internet, but for some reason i just couldn't help myself!

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