Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Cakes

Eli had his first IHOP kid's meal--Baby Cakes! 5 mini pancakes (of which he ate 2), scrambled eggs (which he hated) and a strip of bacon (which he thoroughly enjoyed) and of course I took a couple pics so I just wanted to share:

Friday, August 22, 2008

CVS 8/21

Nothing REALLY exciting....but this was all free:

CVS lotion 5.99 clearance 1.63
3 Physician's Formula makeup 7.99 clearance $2/ea
CVS lipbalm 1.99
Goody's 4pk 1.49
Eye dropper 1.99
Nivea creme clearance .25
spree: .79
------------subtotal: 14.14-

- $2/10
- $2 CVS skincare
- (3) $2 off Physician's formula peelies
- $1 CVS suncare
- Goody's 1.49 CRT
- $2 ear/eye care CRT
-------------total: -.35 + .41 tax= .06 (paid for with free RX GC)
oop: $0!! didn't earn any ECB's, but went home with some free junk lol!

Yes I realize there are CVS wipes and Pert Plus in the's very late and I am very sleep deprived. The wipes were free as well but in a separate transaction, and the Pert is from WAGS, free after mail in rebate -$2/1 q, giving me a $2 profit.

CVS 8/20

2 Contour monitors 19.99/ea
2 Colgate toothpastes 3.59/ea
2 CVS wipes 1.89/ea
----------subtotal: 50.34

- (2) $30 off Contour q's (adjusted down to 19.99)
- (2) .50/1 Colgate q's
- (2) $2 off CVS brand
- (2) $2/10
----------total: 1.36 + tax (paid with free Rx GC)
oop: $0!!
plus earned $10 ECB's for the monitors & toothpastes

Courtesy of Kohl's

So I got a $10 off $10 or more purchase in the mail from Kohl's. I thought I'd try to find something for myself for a change, but of course that didn't happen. I didn't even go in the dressing room. I browsed and never really "saw" anything, but when I got to the baby department, they had a one day sale on these mix and match outfits, regularly $10/ea, on sale $5/ea. So I got him a complete outfit (in 18 months size) for FREE! I didn't even have to pay tax. Nice huh?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CVS 8/19

Well, I made an unplanned trip to the Broussard CVS b/c I was just in the area. I didn't have anymore $2/10's with me but I did find some freebies in the clearance basket. The Olays I will keep one and give the other to my mom. I also got 2 packs of ponytail holders but they are not in the pic.

2 Olay $2/ea
Lumene Dream Lips $4.99
Lumene Travel Men's Shave Kit 4.99
2 packs rubberbands .88/ea
subtotal: 15.74
-(2) $2/1 Olay q's
-(2) $5 off Lumene CRT's
- $1 ECB
Paid .74 on free Rx GC
oop: $0!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A "Must Read"

I am stealing my post from Carlie today. She found a post from a guy who married "one of us" lol. She linked this on her blog and I thought it was so cute, I am doing the same:

Monday, August 18, 2008

WAGS/Rite Aid 8/10 - 8/16

Thanks to the $1/2 BIC coupons, I hit the WAGS sale on Bic pens, 2 packs for $1, so all those were free, and the Rite Aid Bic Mark It! markers also 2 packs for $1, so completely free also. Super One had regular round stick bic pens 3 packs for $1, so I got 3 but gave them to my parents so they are not in the pic. The highlighters were from WAGS rainchecks, .39 a pack, which I paid for with a rebate GC from some free chocolate candy last month. I still have 25 more of the coupons, so I got rainchecks for more pens from WAGS and then I will definitely be stocked up!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

CVS 8/10 - 8/16

CVS was pretty good to me again this week!

4 juices 1.49/ea= 5.96 (free plus made $2 ECB's)
2 skin effects 6.99/ea= 13.98 (-$4 in q's, plus made $10 ECB's= .02 profit)
2 advil 5.79/ea= 11.58 (-$2 in q's, plus made 11.58 ECB's= $2 profit)
2 advil FREE (my bff rocks!)
2 alavert 5.99/ea= 11.98 (-$8 in q's, plus made 6.00 ECB's= $2.02 profit)
4 CVS wipes 1.89/ea= 7.56 (-$8 in q's= .44 profit)
24.7 primer 16.99 (-$4 in q's plus made $10 ECB's= 2.99)
2 colgate 2.79 (BOGO) (-$2 in q's= .79)
-(3) $2/$10's
grand total: 8.70 profit

Sunday, August 10, 2008

CVS 8/3-8/9

CVS was pretty good to me this week:

3 Colgate Total (for my mom) @ 2.99/ea
2 Children's Advil @ 5.79/ea
2 Magnetic Clips (cute filler!) 2/$1
CVS cleansing wipes 1.89
CVS make up remover wipes 4.99
Dove Soap 1.49
6 Cover Girl Makeups @ 7.99/ea on sale BOGO
3 Oral B toothbrushes @ 2.49/ea
Christophe shampoo 2.99
CVS Ibuprofen 3.29
Rolaids 2.19
-2 $1/1 Advil q's
-$2 Colgate CRT
-$1/1 Dove q
-2 $1.00/1 Colgate q's
-$2 Christophe q
-3.29 CVS pain reliever
-1/1 Rolaids q
-$2 Rolaids CRT
-3 $1/1 Oral B q's
-2 $2 CVS brand skincare q's
-2 $2/10 q's (this was 3 separate transactions)
-23.97 (3) 7.99 Cover Girl BOGO's
-$15 ECB's
total after q's 4.57 paid with FREE Rx GC
so I "spent" 19.57 in ECB's/GC, but got back:

5.79 Advil (x2)
1.50 Oral B (x3)
2.00 Colgate (x3)
$2.51 Profit <-----whoohooo!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Playing Catch up

Target Finds

Colgate Total + 2 free travel tubes clearance $1.58 - $1.50q= .08 (gave to my mom)
Olay Body Wash Ginger clearance $3.82 - $2q= 1.82 (gave to my mom)
Olay Body Wash Rosemary clearance $3.82 - $2q= 1.82
All Small&Mighty $1 - $1q= FREE
Mr. Clean Wipes clearance $1.73- $1.00q= .73
Curious George clearance 7.48 (to entertain Eli while in the store)
used up the rest of a target GC and came oop around 7.00 for George

and some repeat items, this time including:

9 WellPatch singles @ $1/ea - (9) $1/1q's = FREE
1 Johnson's Buddy Soap $1- $1/1q= FREE

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Still Alive!

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still alive lol. It was brought to my attention that I had been neglecting my blogging duties and that is just b/c I have a lot of ~stuff~ going on right now. I have not stopped CVS'ing, in fact I have a big bag full of stuff I need to get a pic of and post here...just need to find the time to sit down and do it. I will.....check back soon!

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