Monday, June 29, 2009

New Fave Website!!

So, I have to share this amazing new site I came across last night: Instructables (click here!!) I wouldn't call myself green, but I guess I have the potential to be, b/c I sure do find some of these projects and "upcycles" as they call them, very fun and interesting! The link I posted was for turning a t-shirt into a tote bag, and whoever thought of that was just brilliant! I browsed the categories for no less than 2 hours before I just had to get some sleep. But when I have more time, I will definitely be back!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

WAGS ♥ me today!

So I haven't posted about any of my freebies lately but I had a nice little surprise today that I can't help but share. I ran in WAGS real quick to grab one of these $1 cupcake mixes and to my surprise I got a $1 register reward. WHOOHOO for free cupcakes! It's nothing major, but free is free right? Technically they were not free cupcakes, but rather three cent cupcakes since I did pay tax.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the terrible two's....

So this morning my child drove his hotwheels through pancake syrup at breakfast....repeatedly jumped on the furniture and crawled/climbed over me for the next few hours. Refused to take a nap until I had to run errands, then wanted to fall asleep in the car, making it difficult for me to push him in a stroller while carrying a huge rubbermaid tub full of clothes.....I was such a nice mommy I still got him an icee when he asked for one on the way home. When we got back home he displayed some very destructive behavior with Hulk, throwing him against the wall and floor several times. Climbed on the cabinets and table. When I threatened to spank him, he saved me the trouble and spanked himself, laughing as if it was a game. Looking at him standing up there, spanking himself while ripping the curtains off the wall, I had to take my own time out. I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths to calm down. I decided to give him his own drawer in the kitchen so it would be easier for him to help tidy up the mess of toys he brings into the living room everyday. At the moment he is sitting on the potty (but not pottying) for the 3rd time today. When he gets off he will undoubtedly run to the kitchen and stand by the pantry whining for cookies and refuse to eat anything else for dinner. I estimate another 3.5 major tantrums and a couple minor ones before bedtime. But just breathe. We WILL get through this!!

Learning the ABC's...

A few days ago I checked out a book at the library called "Everyday Creative Play" and it has lots of fun things to do with toddlers. Since Eli doesn't go to daycare (yet) I feel like maybe he has missed out on the artsy-craftsy kind of stuff. And though he will be starting daycare soon, I decided to go ahead and do some fun things with him while we're still at home together. So we are making the ABC's to put on the wall in his room. We are using things we find around the house--popsicle sticks, ribbon, dried beans/pasta, yarn, etc. I thought we might do one letter everyday, but it's just too fun to make only one! We are not going in order. Here is what we have so far:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cross Your Fingers For Me Please!

I have an interview on the 29th. I am really really really really hoping to get this job. At this point I will settle for whatever pay is offered and I just hope that it will be worth paying for daycare and gas. I have been through the initial pre-screening process and am now waiting for the actual interview....hope it goes well!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Grrrrr....what is wrong with my template??

I get so aggravated when this happens....why it happens, I have no clue. "bandwith exceeded blah blah yadda yadda" whatever! I tried re-coping and pasting my template html and of course, it deletes my blog list and my facebook info. WHY WHY WHY????????? grrrrrr!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Do I really have to wait until 2010? By then I will be COMPLETELY lost...I will have forgotten what happened this past season!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why do I even bother?

UGH, have you ever had one of those days? I mean, come on, seriously. I was actually contemplating finding the nearest bar to sit down and have a drink before 8 AM!!!! I was thinking I should post this on FML but they probably have a character limitation. Here goes---

A few days ago my husband Corey, trying to get 'something for nothing', (5000 Microsoft XBOX points for free) ended up giving a stranger his Windows Live ID and password which in turn gave him access to our debit card. This loser proceeded to spend $65 from our checking account. In order to dispute the charge with our bank we were required to fill out a police report and cancel our debit card to order a new one. So in the meantime we have to pay cash or write checks. Ya with me so far?

Fast forward to this morning--6:30 am, I get up with intentions of going to pick up Eli at my parents' house. The truck is parked at Corey's job so I have to drive there in the car to switch vehicles. Both vehicles are on empty. I stop to fill up the car on the way to get the truck. The gas station will not take a check and the bank does not open until 9am. I decide to go to Walgreen's and buy one of those prepaid Visa gift cards with a check, then use the gift card to get gas. So I pick up a $30 card and after fees, write the check for around $34, and it is declined.
I am like HUH? today was payday, we have money. I am given a 1-800 number to call. I call and this Certergy Check Verification Service rep tells me they will not accept my check and they do not care how much money I have in my account. I am utterly confused as to why--she says that I don't write checks often and in the past two weeks I have written 5 checks and that appears to be "fradulant" she says. I tell her that someone stole my debit card information and I have to write checks and that I have no cash on me and need to get gas. She says there is nothing she can do at this time, but I can avoid being declined in the future by filling out some application to become a Gold Member or some crap, with this check verification service. I tell her, that I will NOT fill out any applications, that I have a checking account and I am issued checks to use the funds in it and that is my right. Obviously I am not going to be able to buy this gift card at Walgreens.

So, I leave and go across the street to Albertson's, where I have written checks for groceries in the past few days. I grab a $25 Visa gift card and after fees, pay $29. The cashier says the card is activated. I leave there and go to the gas station next door. I swipe the card at the pump and the screen instructs me to "see cashier" so I go in and the girl says she will swipe it inside. She does, and it is declined. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? I tell her, I just bought it next door and haven't used it yet, and she swipes it again and it is still declined. She points to the logo "Gift Card Mall" (just the company who sells them) and proceeds to tell me
that this gift card can only be used at the mall. AGAIN ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? I explain to her it has nothing to do with the mall, it's a Visa gift card and can be used anywhere. She swipes again and still declines. I explain to her my whole situation. She agrees to take a check. Now I am wondering how in the world I will be able to put gas in the truck and ask her if another Valero station would take a check from me on the other side of town for when I go get the truck. I am only putting $5 gas in the car, just to get it across town. I need to fill up the truck
to go OUT of town. She says to write her the check for $25, and only pump $5 into the car and then she gives me a $20 bill, to get gas in the truck. Sweet! Finally someone is being nice to me! (Let me know if I'm losing you now!)

So off I go, into the Louisiana morning humidity. The car has no A/C and I am sweating my ASS off. People, when you are in Louisiana and someone is driving down the road with their windows down, it's not just for the fun of it. It means they have no A/C. Please don't poke in front of them. Either get out of the way and let them pass you, or speed it up huh? The whole point of
rolling the windows down is to feel the breeze. There IS NO BREEZE if you are stuck behind a moron driving -5 mph. Get it?

I leave there and go back to Albertson's and tell them their crappy gift card doesn't work. Of course they won't return it, I already knew they'd say that! They called some 1-800 and tell me it won't be activated for 30 minutes. Ummm...the cashier lady said it was activated. I was supposed to leave town like an hour ago....I am not waiting 30 minutes to use it. I am hoping the $20 cash will be enough to get my to my parents' house. If not, maybe the dumb card will be activated and I'll be able to put more gas in on the way there.

Okay so finally I get to Corey's job where I switch vehicles (thank GOD, it's about time) I blast the A/C and pull up to a gas station. I look at the card...decide to try it--swipe, decline. Hey I'm getting the hang of this. swipe, decline. swipe, decline. It's kinda fun huh? NO!! I go inside and the cashier swipes/declines twice also before I give up and just use the $20 cash. I leave there in a huff and decide to dial the 1-800 on the card myself and give someone major ass-chewing. The girl who answers the phone doesn't speak English well...not a clue WHAT she is telling me, something about how the card now has a $0 balance b/c I've already used it at a gas station. I'm like NO!!! It declined multiple times, I was never able to use it. She starts reading some script about attempts made...all i hear from her mouth is blah blah blah. Can you speak English please? Speak Spanish even! But please say SOMETHING i can understand! Finally I hear something about waiting 8 days for the funds to become available again. (HAHA God, it's not funny, you can stop now okay???) She goes on to say something about the gas pump trying to preauthorize $75 which was not available on the card so their system went ahead and froze whatever funds were $25! I tell her that I am not a happy customer and that I want my money back ASAP or a card that I can use TODAY to get gas. She tells me I can go back to the gas station and have the cashier fax over a letter saying I was not able to purchase gas before she could release the hold. I told her that I was on my way out of town and that i would NOT drive all the way back to the stupid gas station and if she wanted some fax she could call the store and tell them to do it herself. Guess she didn't feel like it, so finally she told me she put the $25 back on the card and that I could use it immediately. (THANK YOU!)

I finally get to my parents' house HOURS late....annoyed, upset, exhausted, and just plain pissy. F MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Haven't done this in a while...

M lunch-chili dogs dinner-HB helper
T lunch-hot pockets dinner-CB casserole
W lunch-chicken alfredo dinner-homemade pizza
T lunch-chick quesadillas dinner-crockpot chicken with peas
F lunch-homemade stuffed bread

Leaving Friday afternoon to spend the weekend in Baton Rouge so we'll be eating out.

Playing on the PC

While chatting on msn, Summer sent me a link to a cute idea for mason jar cupcakes and i thought it was so cool! i browsed the rest of the blog and have to say i am impressed! i left there feeling inspired and decided to play around with some new stuff--

Monday, June 1, 2009

Zoo-Zoom @ Southside Library

Eli had so much fun seeing the zoo-zoom animals again--he saw them a little over a year ago with Lexi at her mommy's preschool. The Southside Library had its Summer Reading Program kickoff so we went to see the animals and have cookies and sprite. When he fills up his minutes log of reading time, he will get a shiny trophy!

What will we do this summer?

Carlie @ AcadianaMoms had a good idea to make a summer to-do list. I stole some of her ideas and added a couple of my own. Most of these will be for the kids to have fun and me to take scrapbooking pics (of course!)

Go blueberry/blackberry picking...though I'm not sure where?
Play in the fountain downtown (note to self: bring extra clothes and swim diaper)
Go to Borden's and have ice cream sundaes, don't forget the camera!
Go to the Global Wildlife Center--this is our weekend getaway trip.
Visit a pet store just to browse (and see the "dog-dogs")
Go Pelican hunting--again don't forget the camera! and i need to get carlie's cheat sheet of all their locations.
Make a magazine collage--oooh sounds like fun!
Toddler Tuesday at the Art Museum
Go to the Visitor's Center on the Thruway and take pics of anniston at the table
and feed turtles (hey, what do turtles like to eat?)
Lake Fausse Point water fountains --Carlie, where the heck is that??
make and A-Z all about me book-- one of my FAVES from her list
Swimming at KOA campground in Scott--will have to find out if this is free? it's like 2 mins away from us so we could make it a regular thing if it doesn't cost much to get in.
Have a picnic in the front yard
Go to the Children's Museum downtown (neither of the kids have ever been there yet!)
Go eat lunch/play at Chick-Fil-A (duh! that's a given!)

Things on MY to-do list for the summer:
Tackle Eli's room: paint the walls lime green, organize his closet, replace flooring, find a suitable window treatment that is toddler proof
Also need to paint Anniston's room hot pink and find her some cool posters and a mirror, and organize the closet in her room, which will be a storage closet for boxes, the vacuum etc.
Paint our room--RED!--and get a new black comforter
Possibly re-do the master bath--at least some tub walls for now.
Need to go get the deep freezer from BFF Lacey's house
Buy the Rockwell SoniCrafter, NO! i can't wait til Christmas, I need it to do all that stuff above!!
Get the dresser from mom & dad's house and paint to match our bedroom furniture
(whew! i think that's enough for now!)

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