Friday, May 30, 2008

5/29 Deals&Steals

Smart Start cereal 2/$5 -$3/2 mfgr q= $1.00/ea

(2) Hellmans mayo $3/ea
(3) Ragu sauce $1.50/ea
Skippy 1.50
(4) Sobe Life Waters $1/ea - (2) B1G1F= .50/ea
(4) Excedrin 1.99/ea - (4) $2/1 mfgr q's= .04 overage
(2) Rimmel mascaras 6.99 B1G1-(2) $1/1 mfgr q's= 2.50/ea
total: 19.01
-EBT 16.00
-3.01 paid with Free RX GC
OOP: $0
got back $2 ECB for Sobe, $3 ECB for Unilever

(2) Chicken fries $1/ea
(2) Chex Mix .99 -(2) $1/1 q's= .02 overage
Clean & Clear 4.99- $2/1 q= 2.99
Excedrin 1.99 - $2 mfgr q= .01 overage
Excedrin 1.99 - $1 mfgr q= .99
total: 10.65 (why????)
-EBT 7.96
-2.69 paid with debit card
chicken fries rang up 2.99/ea so i got a cash refund of 4.06, so kinda like making a 1.37 overage

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3.47 OOP

Over the weekend, I somehow got a horrible case of pink eye (along with a lovely little pinguecula--I bet you'll have to google that one!) and Corey got in some poison ivy while playing paintball. So.....last night I made a midnight run to CVS for eye drops and calamine. But you didn't expect me to pay for this stuff right? I mean, it's not our fault, we didn't WANT this lol. So....throw in $10 of free Zantac as a filler to bump my total up to $15, I love buying that stuff, we have a stockpile of Zantac! And I don't even take it! And of course, my good old buddy cashier was working. I said "I think I did pretty good tonight," and he told me "Yep, you sure did...." with that WOW look he always has.

2-pack eyedrops 3.49
poison ivy spray 1.99
(2) zantac 150 4.99/ea.
-$5 Zantac x 2
-$4 ECB
paid 3.47 from $25 GC I got free with an RX transfer last week!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

CVS kinda lame this week??

So the CVS paper is looking kinda blah this week. I did go and pick up Corey's new prescription (the doctor put him on blood pressure meds) and paid $4 for that and used a $25 GC q for new/transferred scripts. Here's a link to the printable:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my new thing

Okay so Corey is always making fun of me and my coupons and bargain shopping. But who just got a cool new razor with blades and shaving cream for $5?? Anyway, the other day he tells me that our friend Rusty wants me to teach her about using coupons. Thinking he is being saracastic, I laugh and stick my tongue out at him. But it turns out he was serious. I haven't really tried to explain everything I've learned to anyone else, so I decided to type up some info in case anyone else wants to know too. (hello? Instant blog lol) Here it is:

coupons in general-- you can get some good coupons in the Sunday paper. You can ask your friends/family who don't want theirs to save them for you, you never know when there's a really good one and you might want 3-4 copies of them. Here is Carlie Faulk's online "coupon class": I met her a while back and took a real class, she has some great stuff on her blog, I learn a lot from her!
And here's some printable "bricks" coupons:
After you get the hang of it, you will think you need a coupon for EVERYTHING. You will refuse to pay full price for anything. When you get really desperate, you can even buy coupons. I know it sounds crazy to have to pay money to save money, but sometimes it's worth it, (don't worry, they're cheap.)

CVS--You can get lots of free/cheap stuff at CVS if you know how. Here are some good CVS sites: (you might have to click "see more on this snack" to read the whole thing

Target--A lot of people say Target prices are way higher than Walmart, but if you use coupons on sale items you can come out pretty good!

You can get a good deal in any store if you shop sales and use q's (coupons). Some stores like Big Lots and Dollar Tree don't take coupons, there are certain things you can get there cheap, but you may be able to use a coupon in Walmart, Target, Albertson's, etc. to get it there for the same price or less. Albertson's has $10 for 10 sales, if you have coupons for those items, it makes them less than $1/ea. Sometimes they even have $10 for 15 sales, use coupons to make them more like .50 or less. Winn-Dixie has a lot of the B1G1 free sales, again, using coupons makes it a better deal!

And some websites that I like:

Friday, May 16, 2008

Swimming @ Red's

So I haven't been keeping up with Eli's pics, there have been so many lately. Here he is swimming at Red's.

And passed out at home on the couch. He had a long day!

Free 8x10 & 5x7

I'm borrowing this from CVS Snacks
If you add both the 8x10 AND the 5x7 to your cart and use the promo code ENLARGE your total will be over $5 and you can avoid the $1.49 service charge. CVS photo online uses glossy paper, which I don't really like, but HELLO? it's free. (Plus, grandparents usually don't care if they get glossy pics!)

don't forget: the code expires tomorrow, sorry for telling you at the last minute!

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