Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving Day

is tomorrow! I doubt we will get much done b/c Anniston has to be picked up, but I hope we are able to get busy the rest of the weekend. If we don't get our storage building cleared out by Sunday/Monday then we will have to pay another months' rent.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Vote for ELI!!!

I entered Eli in the Acadiana Mom's Cover Cutie Contest. Click here to go vote for him. You can vote numerous times! He is on the 3rd row, second to last pic in the red. Thanks!

Monday, February 23, 2009

starting to look pregnant....

so yeah, here i am at 146 lbs. i will post updates every month or so.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting a Head Start

Yes I know it's only Sunday, but I am just a little ahead of the game on this Monday's

Well technically I'm not a day early, just a little over an hour early. I felt like if I didn't do it now I might forget. Better early than late right? So what domestic skills am I demonstrating this week?

My latest and greatest project is a t-shirt blanket. All you do is cut up old t-shirts that you no longer wear but can't bear to part with and turn them into a blanket. How cool is that? I got the idea from a magazine a while back. I am actually considering doing two different color schemes since all my old UL Lafayette t's are mostly in grey and red. I can combine darker colors like black/blue etc with those and then do a more "girly" one with pink and white stuff. I have actually bought several shirts on sale lately to use. Have you ever really really liked a shirt on a clearance rack but it was the last one and not your size? This is a great way to justify buying it anyway lol! Nothing is too big or small to go on a t-shirt blanket. If you want to get an idea of what this will look like, check out this one I googled.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

testing 1-2

i am TRYING to import my blog to facebook. so far, my attempts have been unsuccessful. let's see if this works.

Happy Valentine's Day to Me!!

The UPS man came over with a lovely surprise for me today--

and a card that read--


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am Blissfully Domestic

Well this week I am inspired by these cute ice cream cone cupcakes over at A Tad Bit Prudish and I *think* I may have to try this out for myself. I have seen these before, but never knew there was a special pan to bake these in. Here is also another "cupcake cake" I would like to bake: maybe for Eli's next birthday.

bye bye housewife in high heels

i decided it was time for a change...after looking for 30+ minutes and fighting with my mom's ancient PC i settled for this. it's kinda growing on me...but i could change it again in the near future. for SOME reason, my blog list disappears every time i change my template. then i have to go hunting down everyone's blogs and websites. if you know how to prevent this, PUH-LEASE fill me in. much appreciated!

btw, i got an espresso/cappuccino machine for Christmas (thanks Grandma!!) and I have gotten used to (possibly even addicted to) my daily latte. thank God for Starbucks! I use their ground espresso and 2% milk, with a smidgen of sugar in the raw


Monday, February 16, 2009

Things I want when we move...

Just a list of things I'm window shopping for right now....

I would SOOOO love to get this bed for Anniston but we will most likely have to settle for this one that's $2K less lol! I'm envisioning a closet rod and dresser underneath...i can't wait to get moved!

and i'd LOVE one like this for eli:
Little Tykes toddler bed with mattress $50 Pictures, Images and Photos

i also want some of these:

BRU $5/$25

Thanks Baby CheapSkate!
Printable Coupons: $5 off $25 at Babies R Us, More
Click Here to print a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase at Babies R Us or Toys R us. Use code 926557 to save $5 off $25 online, where you'll find free Shipping on Select Baby Items (BRU). Good through Monday 2/16 only. Unfortunately, the coupon excludes diapers and formula. You'll find other printable coupons, too, such as 25% off Little Einsteins toys (use code 926565 to save online).

Friday, February 13, 2009

what's this GESSO?

I was curious about gesso b/c i randomly asked a fellow blogger what she painted her title w/ on a scrapbook page and she tells me "gesso" like i know wth THAT who better to ask than the Gesso Queen herself? She has links to 2 cool projects you can use it with. Think I gotta get some of this stuff and try it out!
frames gesso Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My ATG is on its way!

So, I went to Simply Scrappin last weekend and felt quite out of the loop. Everywhere I looked people [Lacey/Rebecca/Teri/Elizabeth...everybody!] had these weapons they were calling the ATG gun. What the heck is an ATG gun and where was I? So....after some googling and ebaying, I decided that I too, must join the ATG revolution. But mine is special. Mine is red. Photobucket
I didn't really like the whole school bus yellow, so I opted for red. But THEN i saw altered ATG's...and I kinda like this PINK one hmmmm....

Check out Casserole Blog for info on reloading the weapon

and when you've mastered that, check out some more altered guns here and here

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

eli's new 'do

so i promised pics and here they are:

yes he squirmed and cried, he didn't care for the sound of the clippers BUT he walked out looking MUCH better and more like a little boy than a baby!

gonna do a calendar this year!

i NEVER got into the whole calendar thing before...but i have decided to do a kinda different {nontraditional] one...something like this --i wanna keep it plain and simple, and have maybe ONE pic for each month. looks like i'm already behind so i gotta go find something from january. and hopefully my BFF Lacey will be getting some cute valentine's shots of eli this weekend--i hope so b/c i have two premade 6x12 layouts ready to go, just waiting on pics lol!

i am so gonna scraplift this!!

so i just came across a cute and simple page by candimandi --click HERE to see it. of course my rockin momma will have to do the sewing for me as i'm banned from her embroidery machine (i broke a needle OOPS!) i am somewhat skeptical on the whole vellum comeback, but sewing with it would be MUCH funner than trying to use dumb ole vellum tape anywayz.

that's what SHE said....


cool signs i picked up for corey and andrew in the dollar spot @ TARGET a while back.


andrew put his on his front door!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Yes I Am....

So I popped on over to (my new obsession) Blissfully Domestic this morning and saw these sweet treats and I cannot WAIT to make some of my own! I also excited to have something new in my life on monday nights--I Am Blissfully Domestic . Hopefully I can keep up, I know I kinda slacked on my Menu Plan Monday but again, not being in my own home makes it a little difficult. So hopefully we will be moving soon and I'll get back on track with dinner. My parents have spoiled us eating out so much so it may take some time for me to adjust back to the grocery shopping grind lol!

a new obsession can you say WOW? i love this place--it's pretty much a one stop shop, there are different sections at the top and my 5 faves are:

blissful kids
creative bliss
photo bliss
blissful lol
blissfully delish

Wilmore Update

Haven't posted on "us" lately...but we are currently trying to buy a "mobile home" in a "mobile home estates" we won't be TPT, but MHET...hopefully this doesn't fall through b/c I'd like to get back to a somewhat more normal living arrangement and get back to work. BTW, who wants to hire a pregnant chick? Call me! Yeah that's right, I'm pg again! My first OB appt is Wednesday but my best guess on an edd is early September. I'll update when I know anything more definite than that. Other than that, life has been "real" lately. Eli got his first haircut, got some Mack Daddy gel in it and a spiky little 'do, I got cute pics, don't worry. Haven't gotten around to posting them here yet. My grandfather and my brother's gf have been in the hospital, my bro got hit by a 2nd time DWI-er who had pills in her pockets/car....every time the phone rings I'm wondering what bad news it is this time. We are having a Doyle family garbage sale-- I mean garage sale, in a couple if you're around Glenmora, come out and buy our junk!

And before I sign out I will clear up any confusion I have caused with my obsessive use of abbreviations and net lingo. It has been brought to my attn--attention--that some of my blogging looks like chicken scratch?)
TPT- trailer park trash, name commonly used for those living in a trailer park, as opposed to MHET-- mobile home estates trash which literally means fancier trailer park trash.
BTW--by the way
OB appt--obstetrician appointment. Duh!
edd- estimated due date
gf--girlfriend (come on who does not know that?!)
DWI- driving while intoxicated

I Heart CVS

Just a reminder that I Heart CVS

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So my friend Melis is the one who first brought this 365 thing to my attention....I thought it was cool but yeah right WHO could keep up? Then I saw it again in one of my scrapbook mags and decided I'm gonna at least give it a try. Since I obviously didn't start on Jan 1st, I'm just going to do the rolling year, February 09- February 10. I think I'm gonna scrap my 365 stuff rather than blog it but I will try to post the finished pages occasionally.

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