Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My big boy is off to Kindergarten tomorrow! We had testing Monday, and a Meet & Greet today, and tomorrow is "boys only" day, Friday "girls only" day, and Monday will be the first "real" day. The summer passed by so fast, seemed much shorter than it did when I was a kid. Will post pics soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things I want my boys to know...

I want to prepare my boys for life in the real world, to be able to survive out there, with or without a woman. I want them to know their way around the kitchen just as well as under the hood of their car. At 2 and 5 they can only do so much, but as they get older they will be in charge of things....not because I'm lazy, but because I want them to have a learning experience. I want them to be able to cook a nice dinner. To change their own oil. To do their own laundry. Fix a leak. Cut grass. Change a flat. Basic carpentry work and minor home renovations. I want them to feel confident and accomplished. Their wives will thank me. They will get in many years of practice while they are under my roof and I hope that they still want to take care of good old mom for many years after.

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