Friday, July 13, 2012

Good News

The new tests came back "normal" meaning no immune disease, but we have to retest him again in 3 months. I was relieved, but there is still *something* going on with him. He is sick far too often for not being in daycare. At first I thought the nausea/vomiting were only when he took meds on an empty stomach, but now it's happening at other times. His skin was "ok" according to the allergist at the appt 2 weeks ago...but now it's looking pretty bad! There are some things we need to do around the house to reduce moisture/mildew and dust. When we repeat the tests, we will also repeat the full allergy panel to see if he's still in the process of developing allergies. And I recently learned that even if the tests don't show a true allergy to specific foods, he could still have an intolerance to them and they could contribute to his problems. One day, we'll get it all figured out!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Concealed Carry Class

That's my target on the very end--I passed and will be receiving my permit soon! I used Corey's CZ-75 for the test. He bragged about what a good shot I was to his friends---aww, how sweet :) He admitted that I outshot him, which surprised me. I see a date to the range in our near future haha.

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