Thursday, April 24, 2008

I <3 Target

All this for $8.83 OOP

I clipped a q this weekend for a prescription transfer $10 GC from target. Even though I just had my levothyroxine filled @ CVS, I wanted the $10. They told me it would be a 15 minute wait. So thanks to Carlie mentioning the free pizza hut breadsticks deal, lynndsie and i had a little snack while waiting for the prescription (and GC lol).

get your free breadsticks with target cafe purchase of $1 or more here:

Well Carlie had said she got her kids the coke & popcorn combo for $1 and the breadsticks. I didn't really think either of us wanted popcorn so I ordered the small drinks for $1, and then realized by ordering the combo we'd have each gotten a bigger drink and we could have thrown the popcorn out the window. no biggie, it's free refills anyway. 2 drinks @ .99 = 1.98 + tax = 2.14 which I paid with the free $5GC I got last week for buying 3 procter & gamble products.

Then we picked up the meds at the pharmacy, which surprisingly rang up as $4. I asked if she automatically deducted the transfer GC, she said no it was included in their $4 program. (plus i used a discount RX card) WOW! I have been paying $12 something @ CVS, $7 when i had insurance!

Then we browsed. I found the 3 long sleeve thermal shirts for anniston for next year @ 2.48/ea. I was going to buy Lynndsie at cute grey hoodie with pastel hearts, only $3.48 but Sammy came to pick her up before we made it to the register and wouldn't let me pay. (Since he was getting his wallet out he let her get a cute bathing suit too) I found Eli this cute silly monkey onesie, only 3.99. Then I saw the kids' shoes marked down 75% and found a really cute 3.24 pair for anniston, i bought them one size bigger since we just took her shoe shopping last month. I went over to the baby food and found eli some apples and apricots marked down to .44/ea, picked up 3 of those, and then in some clearance stuff on the endcap I found reese's big cups and dark choc M&M's for .36, got two of each. For myself I found some cute socks for a whole .74, and 2 @ .99 pocket folders for my new q binder.

Total: 21.69
pd w/remaining free $5 GC: 2.86
pd w/transfer free $10 GC: 10.00
Total OOP: 8.83

And I didn't even use any q's except for the breadsticks. But yeah, almost everything in my cart had an orange pricetag haha! I forgot to bring the All Small & Mighty $1/1 and the O'Cello $1/1 but that's okay I will hit them next time.

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