Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3.47 OOP

Over the weekend, I somehow got a horrible case of pink eye (along with a lovely little pinguecula--I bet you'll have to google that one!) and Corey got in some poison ivy while playing paintball. So.....last night I made a midnight run to CVS for eye drops and calamine. But you didn't expect me to pay for this stuff right? I mean, it's not our fault, we didn't WANT this lol. So....throw in $10 of free Zantac as a filler to bump my total up to $15, I love buying that stuff, we have a stockpile of Zantac! And I don't even take it! And of course, my good old buddy cashier was working. I said "I think I did pretty good tonight," and he told me "Yep, you sure did...." with that WOW look he always has.

2-pack eyedrops 3.49
poison ivy spray 1.99
(2) zantac 150 4.99/ea.
-$5 Zantac x 2
-$4 ECB
paid 3.47 from $25 GC I got free with an RX transfer last week!

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