Friday, July 11, 2008

Bargain of the Day

I have been wondering how Physician's Formula compares to Bare Esscentuals. I had seen this gift set in the Rite Aid clearance bin several times but there was no price on it. Today I asked the cashier, she said it was marked down to 6.97. I was like "YES!" I ran out to the truck to grab the $5 off coupon I swiped from Walgreens. Then I came back in and "bought" it for 2.53 after tax. (They actually bought it for me, with a free gift card they gave me for transferring a prescription there.) Not bad huh? Each item separately is priced around $11-$12 in the store. If you find yourself on the corner of Ambassador and Kaliste Saloom, go steal a coupon from Walgreens and then go use it across the street at Rite Aid. Hurry there's only one left!

1 comment:

Melissa F said...

what a great deal!!!

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