Monday, August 18, 2008

WAGS/Rite Aid 8/10 - 8/16

Thanks to the $1/2 BIC coupons, I hit the WAGS sale on Bic pens, 2 packs for $1, so all those were free, and the Rite Aid Bic Mark It! markers also 2 packs for $1, so completely free also. Super One had regular round stick bic pens 3 packs for $1, so I got 3 but gave them to my parents so they are not in the pic. The highlighters were from WAGS rainchecks, .39 a pack, which I paid for with a rebate GC from some free chocolate candy last month. I still have 25 more of the coupons, so I got rainchecks for more pens from WAGS and then I will definitely be stocked up!!

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