Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BIC jackpot!

I still had 11 of the $1/2 BIC q's and I was waiting on the new Target to mark down their pens to .44 like the old Target did last week. I went tonight, and they were only .22! So I got 22 packs @ .22/ea= 4.84 total. The coupons were for $11 off. So I had 6.16 overage! I found some other really neat stuff in the back to school section:
2 zipper binders (much cooler than my coupon binder) @2.74/ea reg 10.78/ea
a lunch box 1.98 reg 7.99
2 ice packs .44/ea reg 1.79
a 10-pk of CD-R's .98 reg 3.99
3 pencil boxes .17/ea reg .69

Whoooohooooo! I love a good deal. Thanks BIC!

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