Monday, October 12, 2009

Yucky Day

So I had a yucky day today...besides the nasty rain and muddy yard. Corey accidently woke Eli and me up at 6am. I couldn't get Eli to go back to sleep. I tried to rest a little bit while he ate his breakfast but he decided to climb all over me and call me a choo choo train. He does not understand that it hurts me and I know he just wants to play. Poor baby! We made a little trip to CVS where he got a new hotwheel car....then to the grocery store where I almost fainted. Made it back home, had a tuna sandwhich on wheat for lunch, then threw up. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! Just not having a very good day today! Eli didn't take his nap until 6pm, it's now 7:40 and he's still snoozing so I'm sure we'll have a long night after he wakes up. And we can't sleep in b/c I have a dr. appt. I will hopefully be able to schedule an ultrasound while I'm there.

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