Tuesday, March 2, 2010

random thoughts

1-it's 2:26am and i am up....watched infomercials for a while. i *so* want to send mr. t 3 easy payments of $39.95 and get that nifty flavorwave oven. I have been wanting it for months and months. Maybe when he knocks it down to 2 easy payments....

2-didn't feel like i'd be able to go back to sleep, especially after seeing those mouth watering cinnamon rolls that baked up so fresh and yummy in only 11 minutes. it actually made my mouth water. so i got up and made sweet tea in my new tea maker, which i'm lovin' btw. i never really cared for tea before, i guess jhett likes it b/c for some reason, i've been drinking it the past few weeks. eli introduced me to pineapple while i was pregnant with him, also something i never liked before. interesting how pregnancy can permantely alter your taste buds.

3-while we're talking pregnancy, i think my timer has popped. my stretch marks are bleeding, signifying that my skin just cannot stretch anymore. hear that jhett? you can come out now!

4-i have this constant thirst the past few days. my glucose test came back normal several weeks ago, but i've been wondering what the chances of developing GD after taking the test are. i find myself getting out of bed at 2:26am and making sweet tea, drinking a huge glass, going back for a refill. my throat/mouth/lips seem so dry, almost like i'm dehydrated. i went to bed with 3 full water bottles on my headboard and woke up before the night was over with only one of them half-full. and now i'm sitting here drinking tea.

5-vent/whine time: i'm nauseated, have heartburn, i'm freezing (b/c this house is either too hot or too cold, we have a thermostat issue and can never get it right).

that is all.


Crystal Keller said...

I'm not really sure if you can get GD after the test. However, tea is a diuretic. That may be why you seem thirsty a lot if you've drank a good bit. I think its fine (I love tea!) but maybe switch out a few cups for water and see if that helps?

And your stretch marks are bleeding? That sounds terrible, poor thing! I hope the baby comes soon.

lindsay_2181 said...

i hope so too crystal!!

and i went to bed with 4 water bottles, woke up with only one, half full. so i am definitely drinking enough water, maybe too much!

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