Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some days are fun and....

some days are, well.....days like today!

Between the 2 year old who turned the oven off before the food was quite cooked and the frazzled mom who didn't notice it had been turned off until the timer dinged, because she was trying to calm her cranky teething 7 week old, and two TV's blaring at once and the lack of trash bags forgotten from yesterday's shopping list (hence the banana peelings and empty juice boxes piled up on the countertop), picking up the occasional sippy cup and opening the lid to smell inside and see if it was from today or yesterday....and did I mention the teething baby? Where was I? Oh yeah, between all those things it's enough to drive a stay-at-home mom to take a coffee break. In the closet. In the dark. Hiding from her children. Only, coffee was completely left off yesterday's shopping list and some time during the day I decided a margarita may work better for all practical purposes.

So, while we waited for daddy to come home from work, Eli decided he wanted to play outside in the absolutely disgusting sandbox that has more leaves, sticks, and rain water than actual sand. As I was just about to mouth the word "NOOOOOOO!" I stopped in my tracks and figured, "Awww, why the heck not? He's a boy, and boys like to get dirty from time to time right?" So he is out in the yard, digging with a shovel, slinging this yucky looking mixture around, wearing a John Deere t-shirt, size 5 pampers, and his beloved red firetruck boots. I am feeding a very hungry, very cranky baby just inside the doorway because it's too unbearably hot for him to be out there, but obviously I need to keep an eye out in case Eli decides to wander over to the new neighbors' place and "borrow" their outdoor toys. (I have already promised he can play with their toys, but we must go over and meet them first.) Finally, daddy is home! We lure Eli inside with a purple popsicle. I mention the words "daddy duty" and sneak off to upload some pictures I had taken earlier. During said daddy duty, daddy gets puked on--I took a pic of that too!

Since I did not have time to defrost anything for dinner, I had to be creative, and invented a delicious concoction consisting of potatoes o'brien with cheese, and sliced breaded chicken patties. Finally, it was time for that margarita break. My blender did not cooperate with me so it was half frozen, half on the rocks, but in the words of my two facebook commenters, "as long as it has tequila, it still works" and it was a nice relaxing 10 minutes, and then it was over. Back to reality, picking up toys scattered all over the living room, wiping up all the white powdery substance off my nightstand (no, it's not that kind of white powdery substance, just candy left there by a certain unnamed 2 year old) and laundry that needed to be folded. All the while I am making a mental list NOT to forget the trash bags tomorrow, and the coffee. On second thought, scratch the coffee....another margarita will be fine.

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Tessa said...

Whew! A day in the life of mom! People think it's soooooo easy to be at home with kids. If that were the case everyone would do it! I like your header, by the way.

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