Monday, May 3, 2010

RIP Mickey-o

Saturday night we had a tragedy. Eli had to say goodbye to his beloved "Mickey-o." Pinocchio 3000 was a movie I picked up in the $3.99 bin at Big Lots. He has watched it almost daily from the time he was 18 months. Even at almost 3, he could never pronounce "Pinocchio," and the closest he came was last week. He asked to watch Mickey-o. I said, "Eli, can you say P?" He says "PEEEEEEEEEEE!" And then I say "Okay, say Pee-nooooo-key-o," and he gets so excited and says "Peee-mickey-o!" with the biggest smile on this face.

Anyhoo, Saturday he somehow shoved the dvd in and it got stuck behind the tray. Daddy was able to perform surgery on the dvd player, and luckily it still works, but sadly, Mickey-o did not make it. There was a huge crack and no matter how many times Eli "fissed" (fixed/kissed) it, all he got was a "Disc Error" message. He cried and cried, "Mickey-o's BROKE Momma, Mickey-o's not workingggggggggg! Waaaaahhhhh! Waaaaahhhhh!"

I googled and found it for the super low price of 1.99 on Amazon. I'm contemplating whether I should order him a new one, or lay Mickey-o to rest and move on with the next chapter in our lives.

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Mother Hen said...

Awww, order him a new Mickey-O, momma! He'll grow out of it and when he does, you'll tuck it away for safe keeping until way off in the very distant future, his children come to play, and you can break it out for them. Plus now he can share it with Jhett!

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