Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm "that" mom!

My description on a mommy forum I belong to:
cloth diapering, extended rear facing, co-sleeping, babywearing eco-friendly momma

Looks like I am "that" mom. I certainly didn't start out that way. Well, co-sleeping maybe. But that didn't start until Eli was about 3 months old. I have enjoyed that very much, but now that Eli is almost 4, he is starting to take over my spot in the bed and I often have to retreat to the couch. There have been a handful of times Jhett was in bed with us, but for the most part I have kept him in his crib from day 1. It was practically brand new, since Eli didn't use it. (insert sticking out tongue smily here)

I had jumped on the ERF (extended rear facing) board long before it was plastered all over the news. If people thought I was crazy before, at least there's more info out there now to prove how much safer it is. I plan to keep Jhett rear facing in his My Ride 65 as long as possible.

He also rides in his camo BabyHawk Oh Snap! with cute green/eco buttons stuck all over it. We recently attended the Great Cloth Diaper Change event and became a part of history by participating. It was the most cloth diapering/babywearing mommies and babies I'd ever seen at once.

I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Pampers for Eli, but when Jhett was born I was ready to try out cloth diapers. I had cloth-momma friends before but thought they were a little nuts. Not sure what exactly made me change my mind, but when the second kid came along I decided to be a little nuts too. With cloth diapers came cloth wipes. We have saved soooo much money, and as an added bonus, no emergency midnight trips to the store either! Somewhere in the process I decided we should recycle. Even though our city doesn't offer curbside recycling, it is in the works.

So yeah, I guess I really am "that" mom. My husband calls me a hippie. I usually just stick my tongue out at him (insert another sticking out tongue smiley here).

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