Friday, July 13, 2012

Good News

The new tests came back "normal" meaning no immune disease, but we have to retest him again in 3 months. I was relieved, but there is still *something* going on with him. He is sick far too often for not being in daycare. At first I thought the nausea/vomiting were only when he took meds on an empty stomach, but now it's happening at other times. His skin was "ok" according to the allergist at the appt 2 weeks ago...but now it's looking pretty bad! There are some things we need to do around the house to reduce moisture/mildew and dust. When we repeat the tests, we will also repeat the full allergy panel to see if he's still in the process of developing allergies. And I recently learned that even if the tests don't show a true allergy to specific foods, he could still have an intolerance to them and they could contribute to his problems. One day, we'll get it all figured out!

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