Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fulfilling my Suzy Homemaker-ly Duties?

as defined by

Main Entry: Suzy Homemaker
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a housewife who manages a household, esp. with enthusiasm; also, the sterotype of any woman who chooses a traditional female role
Etymology: fr a doll of the 1960s

Thursday's To-Do's
unload/reload dishwasher (a true suzy homemaker would wash them by hand)
clean top of refrigerator
sort through kitchen cabinets-GOAL: fill up an entire box for the garage sale
sweep/mop kitchen
vacuum living room
change sheets in pack n' play
dust entertainment center
make Corey's lunch aka SLAVE over the stove all day
laundry (looks like about 4 loads)
organize computer desk
pay bills: Office Depot, Citifinancial, Cox, Dr. Rizk
take Alexis for a walk and check the mail

That's enough for today. Earlier this week I scrubbed the baseboards and cleaned the living room blinds and made homemade baby food.


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