Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mommy vs. Pediatrician

I'm no doctor...but sometimes I think mom-smarts outweigh doc-smarts. Eli had been running a fever. I gave him infants' advil and on the third day I brought him to Dr. Sibley. I point out a rash on his face and Dr. Sibley says it's from crying and having his nose wiped. He says Eli has an ear infection and needs antibiotics, and also his cure-all, J-Tan D (kids cough syrup) which we already have 3 bottles of at home b/c he prescribes it every time we go in. Dr. Sibley tells me to double the dose I'm giving of advil. I also mention that Eli's stomach gets hard and swollen sometimes and people have been asking me what's wrong with him, they think he has worms!! Dr. Sibley doesn't even LOOK at his stomach, and tells me, to tell those people, that they are the ones with worms.

For the next two days Eli breaks out in more rashes. After looking at the side effects, I'm starting to wonder if he's allergic to the antibiotics. I call the nurse, she says to skip the dose that night and bring him in the next morning. So, I give him only the advil and he breaks out. The next morning on the way there, just as a test I give him a TINY bit of advil, and within 5 minutes he's breaking out again. I'm pretty convinced it's the advil and not the antibiotics. So when we get there, Dr. Sibley tells me, the rash is normal and accompanies fever and will go away within the week. I explain to him that he only breaks out after taking the advil. He tells me to throw the box away and don't read any of that silly stuff, it will only turn me into a worry wort. Okay whatever. Then I tell him, that Eli is dizzy and cannot walk 5 feet without falling down twice, like he's drunk. I was thinking it was either the medicine or the ear infection, you know since the inner ear affects equilibrium. He practically laughs in my face and says i'm being really paranoid and that it would be extremely rare for a child to get dizzy b/c of an ear infection. He tells me, children at this age are unsteady and fall alot. Sorry, but I know my child and he can walk clear across the street to the neighbor's house without falling down.

Tomorrow we have another follow-up appointment. I can't wait to see what he tells me tomorrow, the sky is probably going to be purple this time!

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Rebecca said...

I think, it's time for a NEW doctor. The guy shouldn't be calling you paranoid...it's your child..of COURSE you're going to worry...and rashes and dizziness, I would worry too!

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