Sunday, January 4, 2009

new year, new plans...

so, it's 2009. a new year, and i have new plans on my to do list. for starters, i'm going to fix my family. we are waiting to hear back about an apartment we signed a lease on, so hopefully we will all be living together again in a couple weeks. i will also be going back to work and eli will be starting daycare. i think it's definitely a good time for change. eli needs to interact with other toddlers, he has so much fun playing with kids at the chick-fil-a playground, i know he will just love daycare.

this year, i want to declutter, i want to give away things to people who need them more than we do. at the end of every week i want to feel good about myself, like i did something nice for someone during the week, something that mattered to someone and made them smile. i want us to manage our finances wisely and make a dent in this debt we've somehow accumulated. i want to join the self portrait tuesday revolution. i want to read the book "every monday matters." i want to blog more often. i want to spend more time with anniston doing fun girl stuff that we haven't had a chance to do in a while. i want to take the kids to the global wildlife reserve in folsom. i want to do so many things in 2009. i hope i don't disappoint myself.

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laceylynn said...

...and YOU are strong. YOU can do it! YOU can make it all happen! Let me know when you would like to go to folsom and we will go with you!

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