Thursday, May 7, 2009


eli has a new word! well he said it the other day when HE farted (and several times since). i couldn't help but laugh at the time. and you know how when you laugh they keep doing it over and over til it's not funny anymore? today in a store there was this lady (i *think* it was just her shoe making a noise) and eli says "FART!" i hurried and high tailed it down another aisle, i wanted to get away from her asap. i was like "don'tyoudaresaythatevergaindoyouhearme?" lol !!!!!!!!!!

and then yesterday he ripped a long/loud one and pointed to the door and said "Dada?" lol, i just had to text him and let him know his son was blaming him.

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~*Michelle*~ said...

Gotta love "boy" stuff....with a house full of them, nothing is sacred!

Happy Mother's Day!

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