Monday, June 1, 2009

What will we do this summer?

Carlie @ AcadianaMoms had a good idea to make a summer to-do list. I stole some of her ideas and added a couple of my own. Most of these will be for the kids to have fun and me to take scrapbooking pics (of course!)

Go blueberry/blackberry picking...though I'm not sure where?
Play in the fountain downtown (note to self: bring extra clothes and swim diaper)
Go to Borden's and have ice cream sundaes, don't forget the camera!
Go to the Global Wildlife Center--this is our weekend getaway trip.
Visit a pet store just to browse (and see the "dog-dogs")
Go Pelican hunting--again don't forget the camera! and i need to get carlie's cheat sheet of all their locations.
Make a magazine collage--oooh sounds like fun!
Toddler Tuesday at the Art Museum
Go to the Visitor's Center on the Thruway and take pics of anniston at the table
and feed turtles (hey, what do turtles like to eat?)
Lake Fausse Point water fountains --Carlie, where the heck is that??
make and A-Z all about me book-- one of my FAVES from her list
Swimming at KOA campground in Scott--will have to find out if this is free? it's like 2 mins away from us so we could make it a regular thing if it doesn't cost much to get in.
Have a picnic in the front yard
Go to the Children's Museum downtown (neither of the kids have ever been there yet!)
Go eat lunch/play at Chick-Fil-A (duh! that's a given!)

Things on MY to-do list for the summer:
Tackle Eli's room: paint the walls lime green, organize his closet, replace flooring, find a suitable window treatment that is toddler proof
Also need to paint Anniston's room hot pink and find her some cool posters and a mirror, and organize the closet in her room, which will be a storage closet for boxes, the vacuum etc.
Paint our room--RED!--and get a new black comforter
Possibly re-do the master bath--at least some tub walls for now.
Need to go get the deep freezer from BFF Lacey's house
Buy the Rockwell SoniCrafter, NO! i can't wait til Christmas, I need it to do all that stuff above!!
Get the dresser from mom & dad's house and paint to match our bedroom furniture
(whew! i think that's enough for now!)

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