Thursday, August 20, 2009

tv junkie

so i've become a tv junkie lately. nothing really wrong with that huh? over the years i've had "my shows" but had a hard time keeping up with the once-a-week on a certain day thing. and right now we have only the most basic cable which is pretty much LPB, the home shopping network, and a couple news channels. but now that tv is available online it's been great catching up with some older shows and starting newer ones. here's what I have been watching online:

What I Like About You (finished all seasons)
LOST (waiting on next season to start--2010 is sooo far away!)
Sons of Anarchy - (waiting for season 2 to start. love this show, Corey introduced me to it, it comes on FX, a channel which of course, we don't have so I love that I can watch it online)
Heroes (waaaay behind, waiting for Corey to watch season 3 with me)
Secret Life of the American Teenager--I'm all caught up and having to wait for new episodes every Monday--what a total drag!)
Party of 5-- (I loved loved loved this show when I was in high school. I bought seasons 1&2 on DVD and watched them in college. Season 3 was never released but I recently discovered it on Hulu. So I'm halfway through that now...don't know what I'll do about seasons 4 on.)

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