Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{Prison Break}

Got Netflix? Watch Prison Break! I am finished with all 4 seasons. I rented Prison Break: Final Break and got it in the mail tonight but was disapointed to realize it was just a collab of the last two episodes on season 4. So nothing new. I was bummed. That really is it. But the show was great, and I liked the ending.

I have to say we are really lovin' Netflix. Cheaper than cable, and soooooo much more to choose from. LOVE it!

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Blessed Rain said...

Netflix is a main love in my life - I especially love watching all the indie shows. Love independent shows like arranged, jab we met and many other countries movies that your not sure about. This way you can view them on instant play and then decide if you like them or not without committing to paying a ton for them!
And yes I watched the whole of prison break for the first time this year on Netflix's instant play

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