Thursday, August 19, 2010

My attempt at the Flourless Chocolate Cake

After drooling over this picture all day I decided to try it last night. I thought my new Ninja Master Prep would be great at beating egg whites. After some time, still no stiff peaks. So I got out my hand mixer to whip them into shape. It did a much better job, and I thought I was done but the instant I tried to fold them into the chocolate, they sort of deflated. I think I may have gotten a tiny bit of yolk in them but figured it was too late, whatever. So into the oven it went. I was scared to open the door, but I peeked through the window now and then and I didn't see it rising like it was supposed to. After the hour was up, I took it out and it looked like a soupy mess. I put it back in for another 10 minutes or so but didn't want the edges to burn. So I let it cool and then as the recipe instructs, I put it in the fridge without a taste, as tempting as that was. I thought overnight refrigeration might perform some miracle on it. Took it out this morning, and it looked decent, but my first forkfull was more like fudge instead of cake. I nuked a slice and after 30 seconds part of it bubbled and part was still cold. It was a ooey gooey mess, but still delicious. So rich that I couldn't eat more than that one piece. This could be a good thing. So the rest went back into the oven on low for a while, and now it has more of a cake like texture.

Meanwhile, I decided to google and self-diagnose. It seems like the reason it did not rise and fall was due to the egg whites. So next time I will make sure there is not one speck of egg yolk and maybe add a little cream of tartar.

My creation is edible, just not as pretty as I'd hoped it would be.

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Oh my gosh, don't get me started about getting a little yolk in your egg whites. It's so infuriating. I once had to throw out 6 perfectly good egg whites because I accidentally stabbed a yolk with some shell and the yolk oozed everywhere!

These days I separate each egg white in a small bowl, adding the white to my main bowl only once I've successfully separated the egg. Then if I have any yolk mishaps I've only ruined one white!

So glad you liked the cake post, I'm sure your cake will come out great next time! And hey, can't really complain about a cake that tastes like fudge ;)

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