Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Avocado

Jhett tasted avocado today. I had given him a tiny taste of some guac the other night when we ate Mexican, he seemed to like it. He has had sweet potatoes already (pureed), but I think he really liked mushing them up in his fists. I think the finger food stage is pretty fun, even though it's messy. He really loves these Baby Mum Mum rice husks, but they are super messy and sticky. He is a growing boy, and a hungry one! Today he had his regular 8-12 oz of formula every couple hours. He also had: oatmeal with squash, the avocado and sweet potato in the pics, 2 Baby Mum Mums and some applesauce. I think in a couple years, he is going to be Eli's big little brother!


laceylynn said...

is the sweet potatoes soft like the avacado? If so how did you cook it to make it soft?

lindsay_2181 said...

i baked the potato with the skin on, and took it out before it was completely mush. then just peeled and sliced it up with a knife into french-fry size pieces.

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