Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy finds

Etsy...a site I could spend hours on. I use the "Shop By Color" feature, and when it tells me "Pick a color, any color?" what color do you think I pick? PINK, of course.


Oh how I think I *need* this for Jhett. I can just imagine him in it, with his red little cheeks in January. Whether the 6-12 month hat will fit his 90% size head by January, is another story!



Okay, enough of the hats. What else....hmmm....


Butt Beans! These are used for cloth wipe solution. I just got some yummy smelling ones in the mail this week, in the Snuggle Baby scent. I traded her some scrapbooking rub-on's for an order of these. Haven't used them yet, but I will very soon!


I have been searching for the perfect book to use as my pregnancy journal. This is awesome, a bit pricey though. I am going to *attempt* to make something similar. I saved all my records and calendar with appointments, weight, and pictures during my pregnancy with Jhett, and I've just been looking for something to keep it all organized. Something like this would be really cute!



And b/c I'm into upcycling these days, I think these are sooo cool! And not bad on the price. I have a fusing tutorial from Instructables bookmarked, but have been scared to try it. One day, I will. But I may pick a couple of these up and use as a pattern. 

Yes I know, it looks like my world revolves around BABY. It kinda does, what can I say? Babies are cute, and baby stuff is cute. Not only do I have Eli and Jhett, but my first nephew and first niece were born recently and I have a lifetime to spoil them too. But this last one is just for Mommy. 7

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