Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY fabric wall decal

So I've been eyeing vinyl wall decals like this and this to put in Jhett's little play area. But not for $119. I figured I could try to make one myself using fabric instead of vinyl, and came across a tutorial. I found Mr. Elephant here, enlarged him to 20x16.5 with, and printed him on an 18x24 sheet at Kinko's. I later realized I wasn't being very green, I could have just printed an outline of him rather than the whole image in black ink, but it would have cost the same $2.45 either way. I was planning to use a fat quarter, but the girl who printed Mr. Elephant was new, and she stretched the image to fit the 18x24 sheet....rather than go back and print him again, I just went ahead and bought a half yard of fabric instead, no biggie. I was planning to make him orange, but didn't find anything I liked, so I went with blue instead.


1 comment:

Melanie said...

Glad it worked for you! Looks great!

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