Monday, March 14, 2011

Couple paper layouts

So......since Eli decided to delete my entire digital scrapbooking collection and I was not able to recover most of it, I have been a bit more interested in paper. I did 2.5 simple layouts this weekend after a quick trip to Create 365. I say 2.5, b/c the last one is waiting for a pic. Hopefully will get that printed this week.

Here are the 2 finished ones:

This is a pic from Jhett's first birthday. He had an early party in February so on his actual birthday we just had cake and a couple presents here at home after Daddy got off work.

While I was trying to dig out my cutter, I found this old pic from before Corey and I were married. It was on a layout I didn't particularly care for, so I ripped it off and stuck in on a new one. I decided to hang it on the wall above my new PC. We were so young!

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