Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Since the allergist put Jhett on the new prescriptions, his skin has really cleared up well. We are still waiting for test results to find out what all he's allergic to. I am so happy we found two great doctors that were willing to help us get him better.

While his skin was looking much better, he woke up at 3am Tuesday with a fever and vomiting. I started to wonder if the meds were making him sick. One of them lists flu-like symptoms as side effects. He wasn't keeping down tylenol or even water. I decided to take him back to the ped. After being up all night and cleaning up after him, I didn't get Eli to the bus stop for school. Corey was at work in the truck, so I buckled Jhett in the jogging stroller and Eli and I walked. I knew when we chose this ped that if we ever did have to walk, it was do-able. It was about a 20 minute walk and luckily it didn't rain on us. We saw two dead snakes (Eli even stepped on one!) on the way back. The ped didn't seem to think it was the meds, so she did flu and step tests, both of which came back negative. She gave him Zofran so that he could keep down some Advil and water and told us if he didn't drink/pee by 8pm he would need to get IV fluids. Luckily, the Zofran helped. They even called to check on him today, I am so impressed with them :) He didn't eat or drink much at all today until dinner. But, the fever is gone and he is in a better mood now. Hoping that this was something viral, and NOT the meds he's on.

Side note: When they weighed him at the office he was up 2.5 lbs from last week! The ped said it was funny that even though he wasn't keeping anything down he had gained a little weight. I knew he had been eating more and figured it must be the meds making him hungry. The ped said it must be the Orapred. Good to know! I will steer clear of that stuff LOL!

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Rondell Jenkins said...

Here what you do to relieve them symptoms: get a pot of water, put on burner, put some honey and ginger root and milk of mylanta and crystal light lemon in there, drink before going to bed. Now you may get the hershey squirts for the first few weeks, but after that you'll be clean as a whistle. Toot, toot! LOL!

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