Monday, May 21, 2012


So, the test results we were waiting on came back negative for everything...which I thought was good, but the allergist was a little concerned because the number they were looking for was much lower than expected. He explained how this could mean there is something wrong with his immune system, so they drew more blood, for more tests, which requires more waiting. I googled possibilities and see the IgE deficiency in itself is a "disease" but it can also be indicative of having a rare autoimmune disorder, or can cause one. It's kinda scary but I decided not to read too much into everything and just wait for a diagnosis before we get all upset for nothing.

He took him off a few meds, but gave him a few more. He had a double ear infection, so antibiotics for that, and he said the asthma doesn't seem to be improving with Albuterol alone so he prescribed Pulmicort and Singulair as well. I have never in my life, gone to the pharmacy and left with a paper grocery bag instead of a little flat white bag. My child has more medicine than his grandparents :(

Eventually we will figure this all out.

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