Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eli's Christmas Wishlist

Eli has his eye on these things:

VTech Learning Laptop

Elmo LIVE!

Backyardigans VSmile Cartridge

He would also love DVD's (which don't take up much space) He already has sooo many toys and clothes, he will have to donate some to make room for anything new.


Anonymous said...

Wow I was expecting more gifts for your kids than for yourself/husband. You should be ashamed.

lindsay_2181 said...

Well to whoever posted that anonymously you should come out from hiding and tell me who you are! (I am sticking my tongue out at you though!)

As I have already posted, Eli has so many toys as it is we will have to donate some to make room for anything new. I was hoping for him to get more DVD's than toys that take up space. He needs diapers more than anything else but I thought it would be useless to ask for that b/c no one will get him diapers, everyone wants to buy him toys! And I thought it would be rather rude to ask for money for his savings account. And Anniston has not mentioned much more than what I listed....of course I do not expect that Corey or I will get everything on the "list" we may get one or two of those and we will be happy. It's just a suggestion. I know for certain the kids will get everything they asked for and then some! So, no I am not ashamed and have no reason to be. Thanks and have a nice day!

Melissa said...

I don't think you should have to explain yourself ESPECIALLY to someone who leaves an "anonymous" comment!
It's obvious that Eli wouldn't have specific things he could "ask for" so it would be pointless to just ask for tons of toys when he already has plenty...
Anniston, unfortunately, you guys can't see as often as you would love to; therefore, you don't have as many suggestions for her. Not to mention, she probably has most everything she wants/needs so her wishes are small.
HUGS, don't let "anonymous" get to you!

Diana said...

Well Lindsey considering this is YOUR blog, if you only post what you want it really shouldnt matter!!! NTM kids can get anything and they will be happy. I dont give specific toys to ppl for my kids. I just give them ideas of what they are into! ie. Kaylee like Hannah Montana and Camp Rock, so i say in general that is what they want. I dont say oh Kaylee wants the Camp Rock Singing dolls with this outfit blah blah blah!
Anonymous needs to back off and deal with his/her own issues as she seems to have some!

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