Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is it fall here?

Only in Lousiana, can you send your kid outside to play with the water hose wearing it's not "summer" weather here but it's certainly not winter. We won't be having any "white Christmas" lol. I was driving today and noticed how all the trees are orange and the highway was covered in leaves. It looks like fall! So when I got home I decided to google and find out what day marks the first official day of winter: for this year, it's December 21st. So technically, I guess it is still fall after all. I know that is it not fall everywhere, and some lucky kids up north are getting to build snowmen while mine is rolling around in the grass. I do like this weather, it's not intolerably hot so we have been spending lots of time outdoors. If it would only quit raining buckets, grrrr!

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