Monday, February 9, 2009

Wilmore Update

Haven't posted on "us" lately...but we are currently trying to buy a "mobile home" in a "mobile home estates" we won't be TPT, but MHET...hopefully this doesn't fall through b/c I'd like to get back to a somewhat more normal living arrangement and get back to work. BTW, who wants to hire a pregnant chick? Call me! Yeah that's right, I'm pg again! My first OB appt is Wednesday but my best guess on an edd is early September. I'll update when I know anything more definite than that. Other than that, life has been "real" lately. Eli got his first haircut, got some Mack Daddy gel in it and a spiky little 'do, I got cute pics, don't worry. Haven't gotten around to posting them here yet. My grandfather and my brother's gf have been in the hospital, my bro got hit by a 2nd time DWI-er who had pills in her pockets/car....every time the phone rings I'm wondering what bad news it is this time. We are having a Doyle family garbage sale-- I mean garage sale, in a couple if you're around Glenmora, come out and buy our junk!

And before I sign out I will clear up any confusion I have caused with my obsessive use of abbreviations and net lingo. It has been brought to my attn--attention--that some of my blogging looks like chicken scratch?)
TPT- trailer park trash, name commonly used for those living in a trailer park, as opposed to MHET-- mobile home estates trash which literally means fancier trailer park trash.
BTW--by the way
OB appt--obstetrician appointment. Duh!
edd- estimated due date
gf--girlfriend (come on who does not know that?!)
DWI- driving while intoxicated

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lindsay_2181 said...

Good news, we are officially "approved" MHET! whooohooo!

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