Monday, February 9, 2009

Yes I Am....

So I popped on over to (my new obsession) Blissfully Domestic this morning and saw these sweet treats and I cannot WAIT to make some of my own! I also excited to have something new in my life on monday nights--I Am Blissfully Domestic . Hopefully I can keep up, I know I kinda slacked on my Menu Plan Monday but again, not being in my own home makes it a little difficult. So hopefully we will be moving soon and I'll get back on track with dinner. My parents have spoiled us eating out so much so it may take some time for me to adjust back to the grocery shopping grind lol!


BlissfullyDomesticDiva said...

Welcome to Blissfully Domestic! Glad you have a new Monday night love!

The Mother said...

Hey, if you need pointers on feeding a family, I'm your lady.

My family is full of picky eaters. This one eats that, that one eats this. But I have them figured out: I can manage a meal that NO ONE will eat! That'll teach 'em.

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