Friday, November 20, 2009

Wilmore Family Christmas Wishlist is that time again. Time to find out what everyone wants for Christmas.

Mommy's list: The FlavorWave Oven (Mr. T has a great infomercial--have you seen it??) Ok so I know this is a big gift, and lord knows how much they want for shipping BUT if it's not under the tree I will buy it for myself with any money I get: Starbucks gift cards or CC's gift cards are always great!! Or Starbucks, whichever. B/c SAHM's need coffee breaks too you know! An iced tea maker (this would benefit Corey more since he's the only one who drinks tea, but would make my life easier haha!

Eli loves Hot wheels and Thomas the Train. He has some dvd's but none of the actual trains yet or any little play sets like this. He also likes fire trucks, airplanes, and Elmo.

Anniston...she wants a new Wii game or two. She specifically mentioned Mario, but said it didn't matter which one. I think she needs some pj pants too. She has not been dropping too many hints, this is hard!

And Corey wants a Turtle Beach headset. And he can always use Microsoft Point cards and Itunes Gift Cards!

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Anonymous said...

Well I hope you get your FlavorWave, it looks like a great invention!

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