Sunday, November 8, 2009

Preggo Brain Much?

Yeah...I was just telling a friend who doesn't have children yet "if you ever get pregnant, don't expect your brain to function properly..."

Just the other day I open the freezer to take out meat for dinner and find a baby wipe that I assume I put in there, instead of the trash can. Hmm....

I find myself frantically looking for things like cell phones and debit cards and car keys, only to realize they are in my other hand already.

I just cannot stand when a recipie calls for "one stick butter, softened (not melted)" so tonight I am making oatmeal cookies, and the recipie requests that very thing. I put my stick of butter in a stainless steel mixing bowl, stare at it for a's not getting softer....obviously I cannot put the stainless bowl in the microwave so I brilliantly decide to turn the oven only to 200 degrees and pop it in there for a minute or so. Should work right? 30 minutes later when I remember to take it out, the butter is completely melted...totally not what the recipie calls for. Oh well, it will have to do!

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