Thursday, July 29, 2010

The big THREE!

I so cannot believe my child is THREE years old now! I have a three year old. That sounds so weird right? I do realize they grow, but I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast. There are so many things he can do on his own now, but sometimes he just wants his Mommy, and I'm always happy when he does. He is so smart, and funny, and a great big brother. He puts his arm around Jhett and tells him "You're my friend!" How awesome is that?!

I had to see him off this morning. He is going on vacation to Branson with Nana and Poppa. He stuffed his backpack full of toys and waved bye to me and climbed up in Nana's truck. And then he was gone. I thought I would cry, but I didn't. (Not yet anyway, I still have all week!) I have a feeling when he comes back he will be even bigger. I can't wait to hear all his stories about the fun places he went and what he saw there.

I miss you Eli!!!!! Mommy loves you. Goodnight! xoxo

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