Monday, July 12, 2010

The Cake Show

I have been watching Cake Boss for the past few days and even got Corey and Eli into it. Eli loves cupcakes! He gets excited when it's time to bake. He pulls up a chair next to the counter and helps me by putting the cupcake papers in the pan, licking the beaters, and telling me how good the batter is. So when he saw that there was a whole show about cakes, he parked it right in front of the TV, saying "Daddy, Daddy! It's the CAKE SHOW!" while clapping his hands. He especially loved the cool dinosaur cake that Buddy made. I would love to learn some neat tricks and in the future, be able to make awesome birthday cakes for the kids. Eli's birthday is just around the corner so not this year, but maybe next. Tonight after we finished up season 1 of the show, Eli and I made Milky Way Cupcakes, with Milky Way Dark bars. Looking forward to a yummy breakfast!

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