Friday, February 22, 2008

Logan's Obituary

Logan Kelly Jeffers, 7 1 / 2- month-old son of Melly and Evan Jeffers, died peacefully in the arms of his parents Feb. 19, 2008.

Logan was born July 8, 2007, at Washington Regional Medical Center. He was a beautiful boy who touched the lives of everyone around him. His life was full of love. Logan enjoyed music and being read stories and books.

He is survived by his parents, Melly and Evan Jeffers of Lowell, AR. Grandparents Leanna and Steve Lane of Ft. Smith, AR, and Sandy and Larry Jeffers of Rogers, AR. Great-grandparents Peg and Robert Reist of Ft. Myers, FL. And Lois and Len Nunnick of Ft. Smith, AR. Aunt Tania Forkner of Tulsa, OK. Aunt Kay and Uncle Randy Seeley and Cousin Taylor of Siloam Springs, AR. Godparents Kelly and Jeremy Mock of Lowell, AR. Special family Kelly, Michelle and Jeremy Quarles, Waylon Hinshaw, Christina and Charlie Wishon, Megan and Kyle Oxford, Amber and Thomas Montoya, Jody and Glen Larrison, Shawn and Melissa Larrison, Jayme and Paul DeJulius and Kathy Banister. Special Nurses Eileen Hinkle, Ellen Jacobs, Lakendra Watson, Kelly Blasak, Roberta Clark and Carol Elkins. Logan's wonderful Doctors, Dr. Rob Lyle, Dr. Ashley Ross, and Dr. Jeff Kaiser, Dr. Matt Cheatal and Dr. Greg Franklin and all of the other wonderful staff and Washington Regional Medical Center and Arkansas Children's Hospital.

A celebration of Logan's life will be held at The Magnolia Gardens Inn, 501 N Main St., Springdale, AR, at 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008. Instead of flowers the family would prefer donations be made in Logan's name to Arkansas Children's Hospital, 800 Marshall St., Little Rock, AR 72702, or


Christina said...

This is just so sad ... it has been bothering me for days. My heart is just broken for her. I don't even know what I would do.... I try to take some comfort in the idea that he is no longer in any pain or discomfort, but healthy and happy, and I truly believe he'll see his mom and dad again someday.

So many times in the last few days I've thought of this... one night, Michael kept waking up over and over (teething) and I was getting so frustrated. And finally I thought "Some mothers would pray to have this moment, because they've lost their little babies." And suddenly I was so grateful ... sounds cheesey, but it's true.

Sigh. So sad.

I was so glad to read Eli is doing better!!! We were also in hospital this week with a virus, but only in emergency for several hours at Children's Hospital. He was very dehydrated from diarhea.

Anyway, I saw the video of the crawling, he can move! And he's SO cute!!!

Oh, feel free to "steal" my posts anytime! If they entertain someone, then it was worth the time it took to write it!

Hope you're having a good weekend...

OK, this is the longest comment ever ...

:) Christina

Anonymous said...

what was wrong with him?? thats so sad i dont kow what i would do!!

its lauren by the way i cant ever login to my blogger on this damn thing lol!!

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