Sunday, February 17, 2008

Something for you to laugh about.....

Here is today's post at TravelsontheMothership, one of my online mommy friend's blogs--

A bad day in the trenches...

You know it's a bad day when: Baby is happily bouncing in his Jolly Jumper, then spits up half his bottle all over the floor. And THEN, before you can get to it, he has bounced up and down in it several times. And THEN, while cleaning the floor and his feet, while he continues to bounce, you get whacked in the head by the cross-bar on the Jolly Jumper. And THEN, while leaning over with your hand to your head, another eruption of Mt. Spit-Up makes it way onto the top of your head, into your ponytail and down your back.

Good thing the little stinker's so loveable!

Are you still laughing? She cracks me up!!

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mark eric said...

Hi, I just saw the link back to my blog, thank you so much!

Mark Eric

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